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4 Oct ’11

Hua Jia – More Interesting Pictures

Today we’ll share with everyone adorable Chinese babe Amanda Hua Jia’s 画嘉 interesting new pictures. Born on June 1st, 1986 in Taiyuan, Hua Jia is a lovely and hot Chinese model who’s currently based in Beijing. What do you think of Hua Jia’s new photos?

More Photos Of Hua Jia Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

If you like Chinese babe Hua Jia, don’t forget to check out more hot pictures of her in this link. You can also click here for Hua Jia’s profile, statistics and sexy old shoots.

More Photos Of Hua Jia Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Stiltskin

    I like the 16th photo from the top I mean she’s very pretty I just think she needs a better photographer imo, but who knows what the asain market wants.she has a really really pretty face and banging body so she’ll go far regardless. Wish her and her career the best im really stating to dig the asian girls with red hair deal, I mean the prettiest one’s still have black hair and are more traditional I guess, but im digging red headed asian babe’s.

  2. ting

    me too finding redhead asians very hot

  3. Anonymous

    The photographer was suck and the blur pic was really really suck 2

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