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19 Mar ’11

Zhou Wei Tong – Mystique of Asia Part 1

Yes, Chinese top model Cica Zhou Wei Tong 周韦彤 has finally released a brand-new photobook for this March 2011. :D It is entitled “Mystique of Asia”, and I assume the shooting locations were in Japan. With a height of 175cm (5’ 9”), Zhou Wei Tong looks absolutely fabulous in these photos!

More Photos Of Zhou Wei Tong Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

If you also think Cica Zhou Wei Tong is hot, why not check out more stunning photos of the model in this link? For Zhou Wei Tong’s statistics, profile and sexy photo collection, you can go back to this previous article of Zhou Wei Tong. Enjoy Zhou Wei Tong’s new pictures!

More Photos Of Zhou Wei Tong Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. hehe

    finally! photos are interesting.

  2. tino

    zhou wei tong looks so different than before, i think japan has changed her. ;)

  3. avril

    this is the sacrifice of plastic surgery…

  4. ving

    whoa tall and slim.better than a lot of japanese idols!

  5. Love love her hair. brown and black both suit her. ^_^

  6. bubblegum

    `hottie, even though a few pics look weird, but still a hottie~ <3<3

  7. jesse

    yaaaaay, so many photos here! Mystique of Asia is a good name. :D

  8. GG

    i like this japanese way of shooting

    more pics please!x

  9. Sunny

    Her measurements are like box, what do you think friends?
    she should hit the gym consistently to get in shape like girl.

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