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29 Jun ’10

Red Flava – The Beginning

Thanks for visiting our website. :) Red Flava is a small workshop of two artistic souls dedicated to entertain and provide you with the most discussed and up to date news stories, topics and pictures mainly from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. We focus more on Asian models and gossip related to new generation celebrities, cultural trends and Internet phenomena.

(More details and info can be found in this link:

All Red Flava articles are written, commented on or translated into English by Nia and Flava, some of which consist of selected comments made by netizens in response to the related stories being discussed. Our sources mainly come from leading Asian news websites and forums, gallery and video sites. Red Flava updates regularly, with news in China outnumbering news in South Korea and Japan. For more questions, please see our FAQ which can be found above; you can donate to support Red Flava; or contact us (in this link:

Once again thank you for visiting and don’t forget to tell your friends about the site. We hope you find this window into the Far East. Please feel free to share your thoughts on our articles and come back again!

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