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16 Aug ’10

Funny & Cute Pics (50) – Aug Week 3

A selection of funny and cute pictures from the internet; some GIFs at the end also. Mostly sourced from Asian websites.

After he turns round, he’ll never meditate as well again 

Can’t just sit about and do nothing, kung fu training instead

Really eager for some Mcdonalds

Rich cat is content for now

Some dog owners are way too bored/mental

It was obvious all along…

New Ferocious Chinese Police Attack Dogs

Attention Whore?

New measures to tackle obesity

Why god WHYYYYY!!

I knew it all along

Whatchu lookin at punk

Our friend photoshop hard at work

Which cat is on speed?

Everything in the right place

Bonus Gif Overload


never offend women

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  1. The guy leaning into the Kiosk must be either really tired or really eager lol

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