12 Sep ’10

Jenna Wang – Sexy Bikini Babe

Jenna Wang ( 王思平 ), also known as Wang Si Ping, is a 23-year-old Taiwanese model. She is famous for being Jay Chou’s ( 周杰伦 ) rumoured girlfriend after appearing in his music video “Sunshine Homeboy” ( 阳光宅男 ) in a revealing bikini.

More Photos Of Jenna Wang Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Jenna Wang Info

Other Name(s): Wang Si Ping
Origin: Taiwan
Born: 25 May, 1987
Height: 173cm
Weight: 50kg
Measurements: 32C-24-35
Occupation: model

More Photos Of Jenna Wang Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Some great photos, but she looks so crazily different sometimes, I can’t recognise her at all.

  2. seriously isit phtoshoot or what,i think even prettier than chi ling..she and ada pan is prob the best ever..think with a gf like this,u wold want a 1000 times and not go out of the house,unbelievable esp that bikini shot,simply perfect body though her boobs are addicted to this site gosh!

  3. ir

    very nice, the photographer made a great job

  4. victor hall

    She look pretty and nice. She is hot and sexy too.

  5. victor hall

    She is sweet ,pretty ,gorgeous , and hot and sexy too. The photographer did the good job for shootlng the photos of her

  6. victor hall

    Like her, and even love her so much.

  7. rolf brandengburg

    I love all the photographs of her. She is gorgeous and sexy.

  8. rolf brandengburg

    Very good photos indeed.

  9. he cei jhiang

    Beautiful, open, sweet, lovely, and still hot and sexy. Plus a perfect nice healthy body she has got. Love her very much.

  10. pak chong-sung

    a very nice taiwan chinese girl whose body is very sexy when she wears new clothes especially bikini swimsuit. yes i agree with the others that she is very hot too when she wear the seductive cllothes. i like to see her wear bikini because it makes her look very hot ,very sexy and very seductive to me. hope our korean girls look like her.

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