1 Aug ’10

Zhou Wei – Model Mistaken As Zhao Wei

Zhou Wei 周薇 or Ivy Zhou as she is also known as, is an up-and-coming Asian model and Chinese babe, who has recently been popular due to her hot football-themed photo shoot.

However upon viewing many sites which posted her photo shoot, most got her mixed up with famous Chinese actress Zhao Wei 赵薇, displaying Zhao Wei’s information instead. Perhaps they couldn’t find anything about Zhou Wei and so chose to put something about Zhao Wei, or perhaps they just made a mistake. Such a similar name it probably didn’t matter to them, they just wanted the nice pictures. But here at Red Flava, we are dedicated to accuracy so we actually check who we’re posting about.

Similar name Different Face

Can you see the difference?

Saying that even looking over the pictures of Zhou Wei in her profiles, she seems to look completely different in different photo shoots, a growing trend I find in Asian fashion, with the different styles of make-up they like to use, and extensive use of Photoshop to brush up images.

We must admit that we even had some of Zhou Wei’s photos in a wrongly named folder in our gallery (fixed now). One core problem with viewing people’s profiles is that it seems many webmasters just lift photos off any profile they find them on, without checking whose profile it is. Often it is someone pretending to be the model, so has the wrong name. More than often it’s the photographers’ profile, and they have many similar girls in their gallery, who people mistake to all be the same girl.

Another recent mix-up was that many sites misnamed Yang Qi Han 杨棋涵 to being Dong Ming Xuan 董铭轩, who seems to be some kind of agent and singer. Dong Ming Xuan has a few different girls on her profile, including Yang Qi Han, Jiang Yi Han 江伊涵 and Ye Lu Xue Er 耶律雪儿.

Anyway most people would agree they don’t really care for names, and Chinese names are all very similar, they just want nice pictures to view…

Zhou Wei Info

Other Name(s): Ivy, Ivy Zhou, Xiao Wei
Height: 165cm
Weight: 46kg
Occupation: model, actress
Measurements: 34-25-34
Birthday: 8-22-??
Misc: Starred in the movie “Le Huo Boys” (“Happy Fire Boys”)

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  1. Thanks for the links, she has a very unique look. ;)

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    Shes exactly my type. :P

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    asian hottie…

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    dayumn this girl could be my future wife

  5. She is so beautiful.

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