6 Oct ’10

Zhou Wei Tong – Top Model From Guizhou

Zhou Wei Tong 周韦彤 entered the entertainment industry in 2003.  She has worked as a model, actress, host, singer, etc. Her character Miao Ge in the TV series “Xia Ri Li De Chun Tian” 夏日里的春天 stood out and she became well known in the industry. Some audiences say that Wei Tong is China’s answer to Taiwanese supermodel and actress Lin Chi-ling 林志玲.

More Photos Of Zhou Wei Tong Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Zhou Wei Tong Info

Other Name(s): Zhou Weitong, Cica Zhou 周伟童, Zhou Na 周娜
Origin: Guizhou, China
Born: 26 August, 1982
Height: 175cm
Weight: 54kg
Measurements: 34-24-35
Occupation: actress, model


More Photos Of Zhou Wei Tong Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. She looks a bit mixed race, I wonder if she is, she definitely doesn’t fit the standard Chinese look.

    • Nia

      I don’t think she is…

    • MaroonFlava

      She’s not mixed. As Nia said, she’s had a lot of plastic surgery done. Anyway, I don’t think she looks mixed at all. Further, there is no standard Chinese look. If you know China, then you know that it’s huge and encompasses many different ‘looks’.

  2. Nana

    she is like jav idol,chika nakamura

    • Nia

      Really? I think Zhou Wei Tong looks younger. But yeah, in a few photos they look alike. People’s been saying that Zhou Wei Tong has done plastic surgery, so maybe that’s why.

  3. cid

    quite an attractive woman.

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