10 Jul ’10

Zhang Xin Yu – Chinese Net Sensation

Zhang Xinyu 张馨予, a beautiful and hot Chinese model from Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, quickly became the “Number One Online Beauty” after a “Bed Photos Gate” incident and a series of outdoor self-taken photos widely disseminating throughout the internet.

Many Chinese netizens faked her name on various social networking websites like 163, Sina and instant messengers like QQ. Zhang Xinyu’s Edison Chen 陈冠希 lookalike ex-boyfriend, who showed himself in the intimate topless bed photos with Zhang Xinyu, also gained some fame by revealing that Zhang Xinyu had done cosmetic surgery. With more and more rumours spreading and advertisements mounting up, Zhang Xinyu has earned herself a few more titles, such as “Number One Football Babe in China” and “Number One Beauty for Online Games”.

In the beginning of 2010, Zhang Xinyu started to appear on various influential magazines and TV shows. While some people are still spreading the rumour of Zhang Xinyu prostituting herself for employment, it seems the majority are behind Zhang Xinyu and believe Zhang Xinyu is not only a beautiful vase – Zhang Xinyu represents innocence, glamour and sexiness. Even though we could not rule out the possibility of Zhang Xinyu’s “Bed Photos Gate” being a publicity stunt, Zhang Xinyu’s hot modelling photos have charmed enough people in the nation to keep following her progress.

Recently, Zhang Xinyu is taking up a role in the movie “Da Qi Ying Xiong Zhuan” 大旗英雄传. Her acting career will no doubt increase her popularity more than any other models. According to a recent interview with Zhang Xinyu, we learned that Zhang Xinyu is a very open-minded person and copes with scandals well. Parts of Zhang Xinyu’s interview are as follows:

Interviewer: How long have you been living in Beijing? Where were you before that and what did you do?
Zhang Xinyu: You sound like you’re questioning a convict. (Smiles) been in Beijing for half a year now, was in between Suzhou and Wuxi, majored in fine arts. I’ve been interested in drawing since a young age. So I thought I might have become an artist.

Interviewer: Do you draw well?
Zhang Xinyu: I might not have confidence in other things except for drawing. I may show you in the future. Personally I think I’m pretty good at it. I’ve been an art consultant once in Xiamen.

Interviewer: How come did you become a model then?
Zhang Xinyu: I’m still a bit overwhelmed about that. My major was art, so I suppose I also like to be photographed. They’re connected after all.

Interviewer: Most of your photos are very sexy and you don’t wear much. Was it your idea and do you accept being asked to take nude photos?
Zhang Xinyu: I have photos that aren’t sexy as well, you just haven’t noticed. As for the sexy photo shoot, you’ll have to ask my photographer since I don’t have much say on this. Photography has been an art form to me, being a model is part of it; I would accept nude photos as long as it is still about art. Human body is very beautiful; I’ve drawn nude models before at college, and I believe any art major would have experienced the same thing.

Interviewer: People say you’ve done cosmetic surgery before. And your new photos look different than the old ones, have you?
Zhang Xinyu: First of all, I’m not against cosmetic surgery, because everyone has the right to become beautiful. That’s why I’ve been a spokesperson for a cosmetic surgery institute once. Secondly, if you count Botox as one, then I’ll have to admit. As for breast implants, some photographers might have photoshopped the photos to perfect them. Nowadays photoshop technology is more advanced than cosmetic surgery. (Smiles)

Interviewer: Many say that the entertainment industry is very intimidating, are you afraid?
Zhang Xinyu: Afraid? Then I wouldn’t be Zhang Xinyu.

Zhang Xinyu Info

Other Name(s): Zhang Xin Yu, Viann, Viann Zhang, Yan Zi (Swallow)
Origin: Kunshan, China
Born: 28 March, 1987
Height: 168cm
Weight: 49kg
Measurements: 35D-24-35
Occupation: model, actress, singer
Zhang Xinyu’s Latest Music Video: “Ban Lu Tong Hua” (“Halfway Fairy Tale”)


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