28 Jul ’10

Yang Qi Han – New Otaku Goddess

Yang Qi Han

Yang Qi Han 杨棋涵, commonly referred to as “Little Fan Bingbing” 范冰冰 (famous Chinese actress & singer) due to her looks, has become a new otaku goddess in Mainland, China.

Born on December 22, 1991 in Shandong, China, Yang Qi Han graduated from the China Conservatory in Beijing. Many would be surprised to find out that Yang Qi Han is an opera singer; thus Yang Qi Han is also known as Folk Singer Fan Bingbing. First noticed by her looks on various websites and magazines, Yang Qi Han is later recognized by her talent in singing and acting.

With a set of hot and half nude World Cup themed photo shoot, Yang Qi Han has not only helped Argentina football team gain more fans from China, but also gained herself more attention and popularity. Yang Qi Han’s followers call Qihan the most beautiful and sexiest football babe. To Yang Qi Han herself, she said that Argentinian men are the most enthusiastic and sexiest men in the world; Yang Qi Han really wanted to go to South Africa to support her favourite football player Lionel Messi.

Yang Qi Han has found favor in the eyes of many advertisers because of her fresh look. Her high-grade image has also impressed numerous audiences. This June on the 63rd Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony, Yang Qi Han was again mistaken as Fan Bingbing. Dressed in a glamorous ceremonial dress, Yang Qi Han has become another bright oriental star along with many other Chinese celebrities.

Yang Qi Han Info

Other Name(s): Yang Qihan, Isabella, Isabella Yang, Qiqi, Baobao, Little Waiwai
Origin: Shandong, China
Born: 22 December, 1991
Height: 170cm
Weight: 48kg
Measurements: 36F-24-35
Occupation: model, singer, actress

Yang Qi Han’s Photos with Jiang Yihan ( 江伊涵 , right) & Ye Lu Xue Er ( 耶律雪儿 , left) by Dong Mingxuan ( 董铭轩 ):

Yang Qihan & Jiang Yihan & Ye Lu Xue Er

Yang Qihan & Jiang Yihan & Ye Lu Xue Er

Yang Qihan & Jiang Yihan & Ye Lu Xue Er

Yang Qihan & Jiang Yihan & Ye Lu Xue Er

Yang Qihan & Jiang Yihan & Ye Lu Xue Er

Yang Qihan & Jiang Yihan & Ye Lu Xue Er

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  1. _super_

    She maybe the otaku goddess, but does she dig the otaku?

  2. Nia

    Who knows…. :O

  3. Tombo-san

    I have just witnessed a tattoo, what blasphemy is this?

  4. wateverrrr

    it looks like a dolls defently not real girl,, i think the nose jobss to obvious,, too unatural

  5. EDO

    good looking.. she’s beautiful…

  6. Randy

    is she real? done plastic surgery?

  7. TP

    i like it when yang qi han pouts :D

  8. i wonder how many men has such sluts slept with to gain fame..

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