20 Oct ’10

Wang Xiyi – Famous Beijing Heiress & Model

Born on September 21, 1986, Wang Xiyi 王希怡 is a model and an upcoming singer from Beijing, China. Having graduated from The University of Melbourne in Australia, Xiyi is also known as Ariel Boo and the heir of Lijia Cai Resturant 厉家菜传人.

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Hidden in a quiet hutong, this legendary chain Lijia Cai Restaurant (aka Family Li Imperial Cuisine) offers elaborate and imperial dishes. The first branch is located in a yard without any sign except for the doorplate. The signboard “Family Li Imperial Cuisine” was inscribed by Pujie 溥杰, the younger brother of the last Chinese emperor Puyi 溥仪. The restaurant has served well-known celebrities, businessmen and politicians, Jackie Chan, Muhammad Ali, Bill Gates, Edward HeathJohn Major, Joe Clark, James Baker, just to name a few.

Majoring in Media and Communications, Xiyi is a smart lady who can speak English fluently. When asked what else Xiyi has learned from the experience of studying abroad, she replied that she has learned to be forgiving and positive in life.

Xiyi has appeared on numerous Chinese fashion magazines, such as For Him Magazine ChinaCosmopolitan ChinaRay Li and MANse. Xiyi is also one of the members of the upcoming Chinese girl group Up Girls, who has currently 11 members (photos below).

Having appeared on “Kuai Le Da Ben Ying” 快乐大本营 (aka Happy Camp) at the end of last year increased Xiyi’s popularity. “Kuai Le Da Ben Ying” is one of the most popular Chinese TV variety shows hosted by Hunan TV since July 1997.

According to Xiyi herself, she hopes to go to Japan to help her mother with their restaurant and to popularize Chinese cuisine.

Wang Xiyi Info

Other Name(s): Wang Xi Yi, Ariel Boo
Origin: Beijing, China
Born: 21 September, 1986
Height: 165cm
Weight: 46kg
Measurements: 35-26-35
Occupation: model

More Pictures Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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