25 Oct ’10

Wang Wan Jia – Popular Advertisement Model

Graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Wang Wan Jia 王婉珈, aka Miko Wang, quickly became popular on the internet because of her elegant and pretty image. Born in Shantou, Guangdong Province, Wan Jia has mesmerized many Chinese netizens with her dreamlike commercial photos for Lenovo China 联想 and ASUS Laptop 华硕笔记本.

More Photos Of Wang Wan Jia Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Wang Wan Jia Info

Other Name(s): Wang Wanjia, Miko Wang
Origin: Shantou, China
Born: 28 March
Height: 163cm
Weight: 48kg
Occupation: model

More Photos Of Wang Wan Jia Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Lol at her with a laptop on the beach, I’d never take mine to the beach, it’d get filled with sand. Some of the cosplay pictures are cool, she has a good face for advertisement as well.

    • Nia

      A few other models have also done that set of photo shoot.
      Yeah, she looks more like a commercial model.

    • nakal

      it is ok. whatever she takes everywhere is not a problem.the problem is the beholder. if your focus is laptop just look it as she promotes. but for some the focus is the girl.the important thing is the lesser she wear the hotter she is. the hotter she is the happier beholder.

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