31 Jul ’10

Shou Shou – No. 1 Car Show Model

Zhai Ling 翟凌, commonly known by her nickname Shou Shou 兽兽 (meaning Beast Beast), is China’s “Number One Car Show Model”.

She is also famous for being involved in the first and the most notorious nude photo and sex tape scandal “Shou Shou Gate” 兽兽门 in China’s modelling industry (explained below), causing more than 20 thousand Chinese netizens to fall victim to the powerful viruses lurking in her sex videos.

Born on 18 August, 1987 in Jinan, Shou Shou first entered the modelling industry in 2006 and made herself known in Liaoning Fashion Week. Now as a model for the Beijing New Silk Road Modelling Company, Shou Shou has captured many people’s attention owing to her attractive appearance and tall, slender figure of 5 ft 9 inches.

Therefore, since the 2008 Beijing Auto Show, Shou Shou has been entitled the “Number One Car Show Model” by the media and Chinese netizens. Apart from which, Shou Shou is also a famous football babe due to a set of football promotional photoshoot.

Besides modelling, Shou Shou has hosted a couple of auto show ceremonies and appeared in a few TV shows this year. In January, Shou Shou showed up in a popular Hunan TV program “Kuai Le Da Ben Ying” 快乐大本营 (meaning “Happy Camp”) together with Zhang Xinyu 张馨予, Kong Yansong and Kong Yanzhu 孔燕松 & 孔瑶竹. Since then she became one of the attentions of Chinese media. Seen as a goddess for her beauty, Shou Shou humbly confessed that she is a sensitive and ordinary person in real life, doing what she enjoys every day; even though Shou Shou is inevitably accused by some people of having plastic surgery just like many of the other celebrities.

At the beginning of January, 2010, nude photos of Shou Shou were disseminating across the internet, which later proved to be from a video. In the following month, a sex tape leaked out which was suspected to be taken three years ago. In the video, people realized that the girl was actually Shou Shou herself, and the man happened to be her ex-boyfriend Yang Di, who is a professional photographer and always dates young girls. Within a short period of time, another two sex tapes came out as well. The whole scandal is called “Shou Shou Gate”.

Thus up to 24 February, the top six searches out of eight on Chinese google belonged to anything related to Shou Shou. On 23 February, the media claimed that Shou Shou collapsed and tried to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills, which was later denied by Shou Shou’s agent.

Many believe “Shou Shou Gate” is one of the many viral marketing cases, except that there are quite a few secrets behind it. Initially Shou Shou’s ex-boyfriend Yang Di was determined to make Shou Shou famous. As a matter of fact, the name “Shou Shou” was originally given by Yang Di. However, the guy in the video, according to some informer, was in fact another one of Shou Shou’s ex-boyfriends to whom Shou Shou lost her virginity to. The same informer, who claimed to be their mutual friend, even revealed that Shou Shou was physically abused by Yang Di. It is said that Yang Di spread Shou Shou’s nude photos and sex tapes to get revenge for breaking up with him, after Shou Shou becoming so famous.

As to whether “Shou Shou Gate” is a self-marketing case, a survey showed that 43.57% of the netizens believed it was obviously marketing, while 25.51% regarded it as unfortunate revenge. The rest considered it none of their business.

A statistic showed that more than 20 thousand Chinese netizens fell victim to viruses on websites or videos related to “Shou Shou Gate” nude photos and sex videos that could be downloaded in varied websites. Whilst netizens were seeking intensely for Shou Shou’s sex video download address, links and torrents, hackers even spread the viruses via popular instant messengers such as QQ and MSN.

In March, Shou Shou updated her Sina blog and apologized for the whole scandal, saying she was responsible for “polluting everyone’s eyes”. “My work has been bogged down. I’m just a very ordinary girl, coming to Beijing with my dream just like everybody else. The road I chose is difficult to proceed, but I’ll keep going no matter what,” Shou Shou stated.

After Shou Shou had finally recovered from her sex tape scandal and appeared in Beijing Auto Show again, more rumours and intimate photos came out, only this time revolving around her relationship with basketball player Zhang Bo. She has attended more and more events these few months. While some spread “Shou Shou Gate Song” and criticized her for being a negative role model for China’s youngsters, others are glad that Shou Shou’s life is now back on track.

Zhai Ling Info

Other Name(s): Shou Shou, Xiao Zhai
Origin: Shandong, China
Born: 18 August, 1987
Height: 177cm
Weight: 50kg
Measurements: 34-24-35
Occupation: model

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