16 Nov ’10

Mizz Zee – Model With A Big Personality

Mizz Zee 卡门 is a young and unusual model and fashion stylist from Shanghai, China. Born on February 17, 1988, Mizz Zee has worked for quite a few international magazines.

More Pictures Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Unlike most models in China, Mizz Zee was originally an alternative model, who modelled for alternative rock and dark arts such as gothic and metaphysical. “In my youth, I watched a lot of animation shows, and the themes and ideas within them dug deep into me,” Mizz Zee revealed to British magazine Ni Hao.

“I was born and raised in a military university for 17 years, so I was exposed to the military way of life in my most influential years, particularly the clothing, combined with the exposure of images in my youth. I began to mix a lot of these things together, so that in my mind I could create unusual styles.”

In Mizz Zee’s Chinese profile, a line at the bottom says “Do not copy me. Anyone who copies me dies”. “I am a hopeless perfectionist, which means I care very much for each shooting I am involved in, and I require every single piece is perfect to details: wardrobe, hair, makeup, etc. If you fail to find a stylist that meets the standards of high originality, you could leave the job to me,” Mizz Zee’s profile states.

For modelling conditions, Mizz Zee makes it clear that she is against modelling  nude, semi-nude, implied nude and anything that is not creative or original. “Style and trends have always seemed a bit a taboo to me, I prefer to remain alienated from conformity within styles. I believe this frame of mind is suitable for the designer who wishes to make a difference and stand out, rather than to imitate. If I am to follow a style, it is for study and eventually I will use the idea to create my own styles.”

“As for inspirational people, Eden Muse and Perish are the finest alternative models in my opinion, their creative output really spoke to me and I was shocked and amazed by their ideas. I subsequently felt my inspirations grow too,” Mizz Zee explained her past experience.

When asked whether there were any artists she wished to work with in the alternative circle, Mizz Zee said, “The world is a cornucopia of talents, but differences are met and the current state of affairs in the world makes us drift apart. Particular photographers I want to work with are Dan Santoni, Jamais Vu & Destroy INC.”

Nevertheless, according to Mizz Zee’s English profile, she is not that into alternative style now. “There is a time people have to grow up and therefore change,” which explains why Mizz Zee’s recent portfolio tends to be more mainstream, warm and approachable.

What has made Mizz Zee make such a big change? Is it really like what she said that she has grown up, or is it due to the difficulty and persistency to remain different and original in this world? Mizz Zee has not yet explained.

Mizz Zee Info

Origin: Shanghai, China
Born: 17 February, 1988
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 40kg
Occupation: model, fashion stylist

More Pictures Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. She has some amazing pictures, but if she is going mainstream with more safe pictures it will be disappointing.

    • Nia

      Unfortunately, she has already gone mainstream. The last time she took photos like these was more than half a year ago.

  2. Is there any way i can DOWNLOAD the whole photo album by ZIP file without doing it manually ?Do you know how long it takes to save the whole album of more than 285 pics manually ???
    Come on LIFE is SHORT!
    Please do something about this !


    • Nia

      We’ve done it before, but realized that there weren’t many people downloading them. So we’re thinking about putting it up again in the future when we get more visitors.

    • I do know how long it takes, we’ve manually saved all the pictures in our gallery, 32,863 files at the moment. But like Nia says, when more come on the site, we’re more likely to make zips, the only annoying thing with making Zips of each model, is when you want to update their new pictures, you have to delete the old zip, re-zip the folder and upload it again, a little bit annoying.

  3. Jec

    I like all of the photos in this post. What a shame she is going mainstream!

  4. Oliver


    Yes. She is great model material. She has nice long slim legs tight stomach without being and awful ‘6 pack’ and not big in the chest. We need more models like her as she is very pretty.
    Oriental models that have larger chests don’t look right – most aren’t like that.


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