3 Sep ’10

Li Yan – Sophisticated Long Leg Beauty

Born on February 4, 1988, Li Yan 李妍, also known as Sinar, is a up-and-coming model and dancer from China. With a slim body and unique look, Li Yan has captivated the heart of fans nationwide.

With her hair usually dyed brown, Li Yan manages to move away from the classical look of many Chinese beauties. Even though she isn’t really a high fashion model, the outfits she can be seen in are still interesting and she pulls off a sophisticated look.

Her two main features are her long thin legs and her large eyes, very sought after features in the Asian modelling industry. So no doubt, Li Yan will be successful in the coming years if she has a good manager.

Li Yan has a height of around 170cm, even though she looks taller in many photos; it is achieved by a combination of angle and how thin her legs are comparatively to the rest of her proportions.

She mixes in different expressions into her work and she can often be seen with a funny expression as well. However, Li Yan’s expressionless photos seem to be her best, maybe because she fits into a doll like image better than the smiling advertisement model or fierce role model.

Li Yan Info

Origin: China
Location: Beijing
Other Name(s): Sinar
Born: 4 February, 1988
Height: about 170cm
Weight: about 45kg
Occupation: model, dancer

Li Yan and Her Friends Huang Yilin 黄一琳, etc:

Unfortunately that’s all we know.

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  1. So… once again. Why exactly is she sophisticated?

  2. her look in fashion shoots is sophisticated as labelled by her employers and fans, not really referring to her having sophisticated personal tastes

  3. How thin can her legs be??

  4. April

    gee, she’s so skinny, need to eeat more. :O

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