6 Jul ’10

Kong Sisters – Long Legged Twins

Long-legged beauty Kong Yansong 孔燕松 suddenly emerged from the Internet in 2009, after winning leading Chinese forum Mop’s 猫扑 “Most Beautiful Legs Competition” selected by netizens.

Kong Yansong’s younger twin sister Kong Yanzhu 孔燕竹 was also introduced joining in with Yansong’s popularity. With powerful Internet promotions and pictures photoshopped into goddesses, topics about these two twin sisters spread across Chinese-speaking countries’ BBS and social networking websites. Netizens could not help wondering how their legs could be so unrealistically long.

Working as one of the staff In the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Yansong was noticed for her pair of slender legs. In the following year, Yansong posted a series of photos on the leading Chinese Facebook-copycat Renren 人人, claiming that her legs were 117cm in length while she was 176cm then. A lot of Chinese netizens suspected that Yansong must be a dummy, for having legs so long and thin like bamboo poles. Yansong quickly became the number one search on the Chinese internet.

It was learned that Yansong is a very straightforward girl in real life who did not care much about her appearance when young. One of Yansong’s posts on Renren said that she had not washed her hair for two days and she quite enjoyed her football class.

After becoming popular online, a modelling company discovered Yansong and she therefore joined the modelling industry soon afterwards. Interestingly, her twin sister Yanzhu is even taller than Yansong herself. Yanzhu is a student in the Capital Medical University in Beijing. The two have been asking to do quite a few plane advertisement photo shoots for different companies.

On the Beijing Auto Show in May 2010, long-legged twins Kong Yansong and Kong Yanzhu showed their real selves as race queens and disappointed the country with pockmarks all over their faces. It was almost too painful to look at, according to some Chinese netizens. In reality, the twins’ unrealistically long legs did not seem so long either.

Not long after Yansong and Yanzhu’s exposure, their ID photos were revealed by netizens and they looked nothing like the almost perfect photoshopped pictures people have seen before. Many Chinese netizens were confused and indicated that photoshop editing and viral marketing campaigns were too misleading and sometimes could be hurtful. A netizen concluded that a real beauty would not lack confidence to show her true self in a photo instead of photoshop it so much.

Kong Yansong Info

Other Name(s): Kong Xiaosong
Origin: Beijing, China
Born: 1988
Height: 175cm
Weight: 48kg (2009)
Occupation: model

Kong Yanzhu Info

Other Name(s): Kong Xiaozhu
Origin: Beijing, China
Born: 1988
Height: 176cm
Occupation: model


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