18 Dec ’10

Hua Jia – Cute Chinese Model

Born on June 1st, 1986, Hua Jia 画嘉 is a cute and lovely model who is currently based in Beijing. Hua Jia’s English name is Amanda and she was born in Taiyuan, China. Besides modelling, Hua Jia is also into drawing and photography.

More Photos Of Hua Jia Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Hua Jia Info

Other Name(s): Amanda Hua Jia
Origin: Taiyuan, China
Born: 1 June, 1986
Height: 164cm
Weight: 40kg
Measurements: 34-22-35
Occupation: model

More Photos Of Hua Jia Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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Written by: Nia
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  1. sobex

    its cute and hot sexy

  2. Would appreciate very much if you will kindly use a proper and civilised way of numbering or labelling your pictures !!

    Maybe you can learn it from ACDSee on the proper way to avoid duplications and inconveniences!

    Thanks you

    • Yeah the problem lies with that all our old photos having no naming structure, and that our new ones structure kept changing, we didn’t adopt a naming structure till just recently.

      Any completely new model that we haven’t featured on the site should have a proper file name structure, its just when we use files we’ve uploaded a few months ago, they’ll have random names like 23~14 and stuff.

      I don’t particularly want to rename and re-upload the old ones, as it means messing with the gallery database and messing up the statistics, not to mention a ton of time spent. However if the gallery is ever completely redone, I’d probably do it.

    • I imagine the reason you have this suggestion is because you’re annoyed at when you save the pictures, you have to rename because it comes up as there being a duplicate, that’s one of the original reasons I changed to using Google chrome as it automatically renames the file for you.

  3. Misha

    Amanda Hua Jia, what a name! Is it because she is a painter too? She is too cute. This girl needs to be more famous.

  4. She looks like a young Japanese school girl, very cute but what happened to her height? She looks shorter than before.

  5. Penny

    so adorable! I love her photos. =D

  6. TAMER

    Hot and sexy

  7. Chris

    Simply Gorgeous!!!

  8. Will

    i know this is a really old post i’m commenting on but i didn’t notice this until now, but is this armpit hair??

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