2 Aug ’10

Diao Yang – Sexy Bunny Babe

Diao Yang ( 刁扬 ), whose English name is Barbie, is recently considered Mainland China’s answer to Taiwanese otaku goddess Yao Yao ( 瑶瑶 ) – Guo Shu Yao ( 郭书瑶 ).

Diao Yang Info

Other Name(s): Barbie
Origin: Sichuan, China
Born: 22 July, 1990
Height: 160cm
Weight: 42kg
Measurements: 34-22-33
Occupation: model, student

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Written by: Nia
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  1. _super_

    I love bunnies ^_^

  2. Tombo-san

    She looks a lot better in the last 5 pics.

  3. Diao? Is that a real surname? Haven’t heard of it before. Has she disappeared? It would be a shame really.

  4. Zane Cornish

    Hey, I’m a new blogger, my friends told me your website Url.I checked it and I feel you have a fantastic site. I like your articles too.

  5. grup

    tbh, she looks dumb in a few photos.

  6. crozzier

    dumb? she just seems innocent and inexperienced. that’s all.

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