5 Sep ’10

Leo Strut – DiCaprio Inception Photoshop

The Leo Strut meme has recently been widely popular on the internet. With hundreds of photoshops of Leonardo Dicaprio strutting happily, originally taken from filming of Inception. As the film has been an international success and one of the highest rated films in history, currently scoring 9.1 on IMDB, the film has also become a big success in Asia, combined with the Leo Strut meme.

The Leo Strut, or Leo Strutting meme became popular on many Chinese BBS boards and Sina’s Twitter. Many of the photoshops are tailored for Chinese jokes, but most still have wide appeal due to the simple fact that you can put Leo Strut on anything and it’s funny.

It seems that more and more western internet culture is influencing the Asian internet culture and visa versa, the two often exchange their popular trends. Most believe that Western and Asian views are so different, and that the cultures are even opposed; but when all corners of the world join in to make fun of celebrities, it’s got to be a good thing.

Chinese Photoshops of Leo Strut

Our Photoshops of Leo Strut

Original Leo Strut & Cut Out

Other Photoshops of Leo Strut

255 Leo Strut Photos can be found at our Gallery here : Red Flava Gallery

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  1. So many funny ones!

  2. Isabella

    People are mad about Leo Strut.

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