2 Aug ’10

UFO in China – The Hidden Truth

UFOs are no doubt a topic filled with speculation and  controversy. Whilst it seems to be an interesting subject, there is so much conflicting information and cover ups by the government, it is hard to validate anything.

It is said that the following picture is one of the first UFO photos, even though it seems more like a painting to me.

In China, strangely enough, UFO incidents tend to happen in the years with number 1, 2 or 7 in the end; for instance, 1971, 1981, 1991, 1972, 1982, 1992, 2002, 1977, 1987, 1997, 2007. Chinese experts predicted that next year which will be 2011, big UFO incidents will occur in various cities in China again.

Furthermore, these UFO incidents have a tendency to take place between April and October, especially between July and August, when we frequently hear about UFO news. The following pictures and information show you the recent UFO sightings across China.

Location 1: Weihai, Shandong ( 山东威海 )
Time: 21:30-22:20, 15 July

Location 2: Chongqing ( 重庆 )
Time: evening, 14 July

Location 3: Chengdu, Sichuan ( 四川成都 )
Time: 21:00-22:30, 10 July

Location 4: Hangzhou, Zhejiang ( 浙江杭州 )
Time: around 21:00, 7 July

Location 5: Changning, Hunan ( 湖南常宁 )
Time: evening, 3 July

Location 6: Xinjiang ( 新疆 )
Time: midnight, 30 June

The most recent UFO news caused a Chinese airport to close for about an hour, yet the investigative group seemed to be hiding the photos and denied any UFO sighting, it was dubbed the Xiaoshan Airport UFO Incident ( 萧山机场UFO事件 ). It happened in the evening at around 9:00pm on 7 July in the eastern city of Hangzhou. It was reported that a mysterious alien object was detected on radar screens, which later turned into a comet-like fireball. Here are some photos of the witnesses:

The first report of Xiaoshan UFO Incident which just came out at the end of July wasn’t a UFO. The objects in the photos taken by local residents were either a private or military plane landing on the ground, according to Hangzhou officials. There was no direct proof that a UFO had anything to do with Xiaoshan Airport.

So, are UFOs a sign of alien life? Was there really any military connection? Or is it simply plane and rocket debris? Unfortunately, the answer still remains unknown to the public.

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  1. Looks like a floating fluorescent bulb lol

  2. kp

    an interesting read

  3. Yu

    Did saw something at night sky but never come close to this.. Weird

  4. Anonymous

    since when china has planes with such light at the bottom? i wish so…

  5. lei

    more like unknown objects. since when planes have this kind of light? would have been uesless

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