12 Aug ’10

Singapore Rich Girl – Sex Addiction

Just like Qian Qian ( 茜茜 ) from Taiwan (photos below), who gained popularity online for her blog post “I’m a Bitch…Just Wanna F**k”, on the leading Taiwanese blog site Wuming with the username “cc1031cc”, a Singaporean girl who claimed to be wealthy ( 新加坡富家女 ) and addicted to sex became famous overnight.

Unlike Qian Qian, who openly talked about her sex experiences on her posts and made a vow to have sex relationship with over 100 people, this Singaporean girl who is dubbed the “Black Lace Queen” ( 黑丝女王 , photos below) revealed that she used to be very shy around guys. In most of her photos, she wore black top and lace top thigh-high stockings, hence netizens call her “Black Lace Queen”.

“Black Lace Queen” has also exposed how she turned into such a horny girl during the years. Now she could equal Tiger Woods, considering that she would pick any guy in the street to spend a night with, according to herself.

Recently, “Black Lace Queen” is seeking for sex partners publicly, especially anyone who could “do it seven times” a night. She said she would be expecting anyone who could tolerate her sex addiction. Coming from a wealthy family, she doesn’t have any unhealthy hobbies or a bad temper; her only defect, according to her blog, is her deep sexual addiction.

Qian Qian’s Wuming account was reported and removed due to her nude photos and sex videos, so I assume soon we’ll find out whether this “Black Lace Queen” will also disappear from the internet.

Source: Qudodo News

Qian Qian’s nude photos

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  1. Kintaro-san

    Shes rather confident…lol

  2. wateverrrr

    this is jus for attention she just wants to become famous she beleavess any publicity is gud publicity she probally dosent have sex with anyone when she feeels

  3. karo

    i should met her so we can have some fun

  4. Anonymous

    She could try me if she wants. 7 times? Bring it. Haha

  5. atul

    just wanted to say wow <3

  6. Rex

    Dress like NANA

  7. savioryan

    Sure me 90551558..I will make u regret for saying that girl. .

  8. Anonymous

    sexy girl

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