24 Aug ’10

Underground Sex Industry Pt 1 – Xi’an China

Last week, a Chinese journalist investigated a “dancing hall” in Xi’an ( 西安 ). Following an insider’s tip, the journalist came into a dark ballroom where he could only proceed by the light of the bar counter. Near the bar counter, he saw women in revealing clothes passing by.

To find out where the dancers were, the journalist walked into the dance floor, where he could see dozens of men and women hugging and kissing. He was told that the purpose of the dark lights were to allow the customers to touch the dancers freely. But when the lights came on, the crowd separated. Everyone quickly sat down, breathing heavily. He was also told that it cost 10 RMB (1.5 dollars) for one dance, and that he could touch anywhere he wanted. If that was still not enough, he could pay more to get to the next stage.

In the toilet of a “dance club”, a customer and a prostitute were caught and arrested.

A woman in a revealing top was sitting near the door of a “hair salon”; on the door it said “Recruit”. (Hair salons are one of the most common fronts for prostitution)

Inside the “hair salon”, all girls were wearing revealing dresses.

In a “beauty salon”, several girls were caught.

In another “beauty salon”, a woman was “bargaining” with gestures.

A house which prostitutes rented for “business”, with each room having only one bed.

The light was dim in this “hair salon”.

“Tickets” and “adverts” for “spa clubs” and “bath clubs” like these were distributed everywhere in the nearby streets.

12 prostitute suspects were arrested in July.

The police raided a nightclub; prostitute suspects were all arrested that night.

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