30 Aug ’10

Underground Sex Industry Pt 2 – Xi’an China

At 9:00pm on August 13, 2010, 600 police officers from Xi’an Police Bureau ( 西安公安局 ) raided more than 60 entertainment venues such as “nightclubs”, “spa clubs” and “sauna clubs” in the city.

Illegal clubs were forced to suspend their businesses. The suspects involved in prostitution ( 涉嫌卖淫 ) and illegal operations, most of whom were in their 20’s, were arrested.

“I don’t dare to tell anyone,” one of the girls in white dress said, “My dad would break my legs if he knew.” When the journalist asked her about the reason why she chose to do this, she simply replied, “To earn money.”

Source: Sohu News

Comments from Sohu:

我的UNPLUGGED: When can they do some proper business…? Go and catch some corrupt officials instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LimingSH: Look at the camera, it’s disgusting! Who gives you the right to take photos?

Shantou Netizen: haven’t paid the protection fee, have they? Otherwise they wouldn’t have been found out.

古伟: this kind of news is too shocking, the common people don’t really want to see these kinds of photos.

二狼的: They’re wasting the money of those who pay taxes. Why can’t they do some proper things?

Nanchang Netizen: Why don’t they arrest corrupt officials? Prostitutes are only doing it for money. It’s not guilty.

Foshan Netizen: Are police really good? They don’t dare to touch anyone in power.

Anhui Netizen: Getting rid of corruption is more urgent.

Wenzhou Netizen: Why are the houses so expensive? Because China’s economic support is real estate. No real estate, no GDP. How to lower the house price and still maintain a high GDP? The answer is to make prostitution legal. Why not?

Baoji Netizen: Looks like we’ll have to pay tax again. The more they do this, the more fame they get. It’s not dangerous, but it’s beneficial and majestic to them. This is socialism. No wonder nowadays everyone wants to be an official. Fighting corruption actually means tackling their obstacles. In this way, the lowest class becomes even lower and it never gets a chance to rise from poverty.

lulu1234898s: The police officers are really into prostitution. It’s fun to watch, it benefits them and it’s not risky at the same time.

Chongqing Netizen: Chinese police are men too. They feel frightened towards the corrupt officials, so they arrest prostitutes to gain back confidence. Haha.

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  1. It’s interesting that the man (the client) doesn’t even bother to hide his face… I always feel deeply saddened for the girls in such kind of stories.

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