18 Jul ’10

Prostitute Parade? – Dongguan China

Dressed in revealing nurse uniforms and standing in lines outside two Dongguan ( 东莞 ) hotels in Guangdong Province, these beauties all seem to have considerably good facial features. It inevitably makes people think further.

Recently these photos are floating widely around the internet. Some netizens were shocked, exclaiming that Dongguan’s prostitutes were parading for customers, and that the competition in “sauna business” (“ 桑拿 ”, hinting prostitution in China) was fierce. A BBS post titled “An Unbelievable Parade of Prostitutes in Dongguan” (“ 东莞小姐大阅兵 ”) got 600,000 hits within two days.

Dongguan’s local police responded that the girls in the photos were not sauna girls; they were actually waitresses serving for the karaoke compartments in both hotels. The police also emphasized that there was no prostitution in the city anymore since they were taking severe measures against it, which did not quite convince the general public.

It was exposed that these alliance hotels shared the same boss, thus their policies were the same. Nevertheless, neither of them had received a license to perform karaoke. Yet they demonstrated such a public and eye-catching event. The police would therefore investigate into this affair and take action accordingly with guidance provided by the Industry and Commerce Office, and the Department of Cultural Affairs.

What happened was, according to the local police, that the photos were taken a year before when both hotels were promoting their new images. The waitresses were actually wearing their staff uniforms at the time. An internal staff took some photographs of the event and uploaded them onto the web. Some netizens then passed on erroneous messages about the photos; some called it “sauna girls’ military training”, while others considered it a mass parade of prostitutes.

Some estimate that even the so-called waitresses could offer secret service, especially in a city so “socially” developed like Dongguan. Others simply see it as another common viral marketing case conducted by the hotels themselves to attract more consumers.

Source: QQ News

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  1. Dongguan is actually a really impressive city I think, the central part anyway, planned out really nicely.

  2. dhprbw

    Another viral marketing case to get attention from the public. I hardly believe news like this.

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