22 Jul ’10

Animals Escape – Flood in Fuzhou China

Since the beginning of this summer, a large area of China has been suffering from floods, rainstorms, mud-rock flow and landslides.

Until today, more than 100 cities in 27 provinces have been affected severely. Over 230 rivers were flooded, 25 of which topped the flood record in history, resulting in 701 deaths and 142 billion RMB pecuniary loss. 100 million people have lost their home so far, while 347 people are still missing. So, what happened to the wildlife animals and poultry? Can we explore the answer in Fuzhou, one of the most flooded cities in Jiangxi Province? Here are some pictures.

Where did this pig learn swimming from?

A cormorant managed to catch a frog for his meal.

How did they manage to get that high?

This dog seems unhappy. I wonder how long he is going to watch like that…

A lucky snake.

Where is she going?

Thank god there is a mat for these baby chickens!

Are they discussing how to escape?

Above all, she is glad that she got wings!

Is there any food left for this sparrow?

Source: Tao Bao Pets

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  1. Tombo-san

    lol at the chicken on the roof

  2. Hilary

    AWW, poor animals! I feel sad after seeing this.

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