8 Aug ’10

Xihu – China’s First Underwater City

Xianjia Lake (咸嘉湖), also known as Xihu Cultural Park ( 西湖文化园 ) locates in Changsha, China. Formerly known as Hanjia Lake ( 韩家湖 ), it is one of the biggest lakes in Changsha City ( 长沙市 ).

Within four to five years, according to Changsha officials, China’s first “underwater city” ( 水下城市 ) will be built in Xihu Cultural Park, where a metro will go directly into it. They are hoping that this project will start in October this year, without having to change Xihu Cultural Park’s overall style and features.

The underwater district, which will be around 100 thousand square meters, will be built under Xianjia Lake. There will be an underwater supermarket, an underwater recreation place, an underwater hotel and other public facilities. Once it was established, there will be three layers in Xihu Cultural Park: the bottom, where sightseeing, spa and restaurants will be; the middle, where engaging in diving, underwater activities will be possible and the surface, where people can participate in water sports and other recreations.

Xihu Cultural Park used to be a fishing ground. Some experts analyse that future cities have the tendency to develop towards the ocean, the sky and underground. Underwater cities will not be easily influenced by external temperature; hence they provide summer resorts for a hot city like Changsha, where is regarded as one of the “four stove cities” in China.

Source: Landscape News

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  1. Tombo-san

    Hmm, it will be a problem if there is a leak in that city.

  2. I wonder what the insurance payout will be when it all crashes down, drowning them all.

  3. Tombo-san

    It will never happen, legends have said that a water godess from the stars will decend down onto the take and make the water as light as a feather for the citizens of the underwater city!!

  4. It’ll be O Fortuna as Poseidon destroys the place in anger you mean.

  5. Kintaro-san

    It’ll be fun if some people smuggle a few Narwhals into that lake..

  6. Niko

    will they really build it? it sounds difficult and impossible.

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