28 Jul ’10

10 Ways – To Show You Care

In this modern world, we realize that most couples find it difficult to maintain the bond.

Good relationships start with a foundation based on trust, respect, support, stability, commitment, etc. There are reliable guidelines that can be used to create a healthy and happy home, many of which have not been taught in our culture. Here are ten methods for each side to iron out the differences, sustain the affiliation and  lead a cheerful life.

Ten ways for a good boyfriend or husband to show that he cares:

1. Introduce her to your friends; let her feel that she’s part of your life.

2. Respect her in front of her friends.

3. Seize every minute and second to comfort her when she says she misses you.

4. You can point out her mistakes but never lose your temper.

5. Even if she’s acting irrational, you shouldn’t set yourself against her.

6. Remember a few important anniversaries and celebrate them.

7. Never hang up first on the phone.

8. Don’t compliment another woman or brag about how popular you used to be.

9. When she’s getting mad, give her a hug or a kiss instead of running away.

10. Sometimes you should learn to put her before your friends or family.

Ten ways for a good girlfriend or wife to show that she cares:

1. When he’s behaving like a child, join him.

2. Men don’t admit their mistakes most of the time, learn to understand.

3. Tell him you love him; gratify his vanity.

4. Give him enough space; don’t be too clingy.

5. Honor him in front of his friends.

6. Don’t disturb him when he’s playing games.

7. Be next to him when he feels down.

8. Every man longs for trust and appreciation.

9. Be straightforward; don’t make oblique references.

10. He wants to be appreciated for his effort.

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  1. Haha – if everyone would follow these rules – this world would be perfect ;-)

  2. Tombo-san

    They forgot some stuff in the boyfriend care guide, I shall list them here.

    #1. Do the house work for him, this includes washing and ironing his clothes, cooking, cleaning etc…

    #2. Give him a daily foot massage.

    #3. Get him a beer or roll him a G if he asks for one, and make sure it’s good.

    Then you will have a happy husband for eternity.

  3. keer

    hao ke ai a!

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