7 Dec ’10

11 Ways to Gain a Perfect Body

Recently on a Chinese website, some exercises were cited as some of the best in attaining a toned and fit body in the fastest time.

The routine is to pick one of the exercises below and apply it properly for ten minutes non-stop per day. You can switch to different exercises each day or focus on one type. You will see the results shortly within two weeks.

1. Squats – Improves your waist to make it beautiful, removing excess fat. In fact, it is one of the best exercises to work out your whole body.

2. Side Stretch – Strengthens your abdominal muscles and the tendons on your back.

3. Body Twist – Strengthens your spine and abdominals

4. Lying Lift – Improves the lines of your back, and also prevents diseases of the cervical vertebra.

5. Backwards Leg Raises – Reduces fat on your legs and strengthens your spine.

6. Body U Turn – Increases the flexibility of your arms and spine.

7. Knee-ups – Tightens your stomach muscles.

8. Vertical Leg Raises – Removes your belly fat.

9. Elbow to Knee Sit-ups – Increases the flexibility of your legs and toughens your arms.

10. Horizontal Leg Raises – Removes excess fat in your hips and tightens leg muscles.

11. Leg Raise to Bicycle – Tones and strengthens your legs and abs.

Remember, persistence is the key to getting what you want.

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