31 Aug ’10

Manila Hostage Crisis – Overview

One of the biggest incidents in the news recently – the Manila Hostage Crisis ( 菲律宾劫持人质事件 ) – was a terrible incident where a former high-ranking commissioned Philippine National Police officer, Rolando Mendoza ( 罗兰多·门多萨 ), took hostage 25 people (20 Hong Kong tourists, 1 Hong Kong tour guide and 4 Filipinos) on a tour bus, injuring 9 and murdering 8 innocents.

Combined with the horrific nature of a hostage situation involving a violent gunman, there were various blunders and insulting actions involved in this incident. These include :

  • Complete failure of the Philippine Force in handling the whole situation.
  • Hour-long assault on the bus which caused massive danger to the hostages, wasn’t efficiently ended quickly.
  • Lack of Police determination, equipment and training.
  • Mistake of letting the media film the whole situation, which gave the hostage-taker information.
  • Aggravation of the hostage-taker by arresting his brother in plain sight, which then triggered the shooting of hostages.
  • Suspicious way in which the Filipino bus driver escaped the bus just before the shooting started, he was handcuffed, and has now disappeared after the event.
  • Inconsiderate way in which the Philippine government communicated with the Hong Kong government over the scenario, caring more about their images than the lives of the hostages.
  • People taking gratifying photos of themselves in front of the site of the incident afterwards, which showed disrespect.
  • The head of the task force in control of the hostage situation failed to employ the Special Task Force of elite troops available to him to bring an end to the situation.
  • Supposed evidence that the police accidentally shot some of the hostages, as only 58 of the 65 shots were found to have come from Mendoza’s M16.

The full account can be read on Wikipedia here.

Photos from the Manila Hostage Crisis

Filipinos Taking Photos in front of the Manila Hostage Scene

No respect by taking photographs at the scene, as if it is a tourist spot. What would you think of these actions?

Ultimately the hostage crisis in Manila ( 马尼拉 ), the capital of Philippines, was a terrible affair, with not only a mad gunman killing innocent people, but also a complete mishandling of the situation by the Philippine police force who responded. Now there will also be a continued animosity between China and the Philippines for some time.

Our condolences go out to those injured and killed in the crisis, and all those affected.

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  1. The people taking tourist photos of it are just crazy, made a terrible situation an even worse international relations nightmare.

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