5 Oct ’10

Korean Subway Fight – Elderly Woman vs. Young Girl

A few days ago, a video clip, titled “Subway Immorality”, appeared on various website uncensored. The video shows an outrageous subway brawl between an elderly woman and a young teenage girl.

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The video clip, also titled “I Hate Korea, Dad”, “The Wicked Witch Subway Brawl” and “Subway Youtube Girl” 지하철난투극, lasts nearly 2 minutes. The violent fight was captured by another passenger on the subway line NO. 2 near Hapjeong Station. The old woman in the video is believed to be in her 60s, whereas the young girl seems to be a descendant of Korean immigrants in America who is currently visiting her homeland.

Eyewitnesses have explained the reason that triggered the argument and other details that are not included in the video. The young female student was reportedly sitting up on the subway bench with her legs crossed, her shoes smeared with mud accidentally stained the elderly woman’s clothes.

The old woman inevitably complained and asked the girl to remove her muddy shoes from the seat. The young girl apologized twice, however let slip a swear word. Thus the old woman continued to scold her with “abusive” words, as the young girl began to talk back. This was when the recording of the clip started.

Losing her temper, the old woman aggressively grabbed the girl’s hair, starting to push her around and throw her back onto her seat by her collar. The young girl couldn’t help screaming and addressing the old lady, asking her to stop. Dozens of other passengers watched closely during the argument, but none of them attempted to stop the fight. A few other passengers told the abusive woman to calm down. A middle age man started to talk and asked the old woman to accept her apology and be more patient, causing the angry woman to get into another argument with him.

Towards the end of the clip, the teen girl shouted into her cell phone, “I hate Korea, dad!” and swore at the old woman, who sat back on her seat and then removed to the next seat. At the end, the girl noticed the person recording the scene and said loudly, “Upload it onto YouTube.”

More Photos Of Asian News Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

The recorded tussle has caused a huge stir among Korean netizens. According to one of the comments, the old woman in the video is infamous on the subway for provoking quarrels with other passengers and demanding younger people to give up their seats for her.

The short clip is also being criticized for invading others’ privacy rights. Some netizens have made their views clear that the rude girl was to blame for talking back to an elderly woman, while others criticized the old woman for attacking a teen girl and the onlookers for doing nothing to help.

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  1. Either that elderly lady has some cojones, or this is pretty normal, why does no one lift a finger to help.

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    its korea

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