25 Oct ’10

Korean Jindo Dogs Drafted by LAPD

South Korea’s native dog breed, the Korean Jindo dog 진돗개, is being considered for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) K-9 unit, which is usually occupied by German Shepherds.

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The LAPD have sent two canine trainers to Jindo County of South Jeolla Province to evaluate dozens of Jindo dogs for use in their unit.

This cute hunting dog is well-known for its intelligence, bravery, jumping capability and speed. They are also characterised by their overturned tail and distinctive white or brown fur. Originating on Jindo Island in South Korea, the Jindo dogs are especially well-known for their fierce loyalty. They are designated as South Korea’s 53rd national treasure.

The dogs were promoted by the Jindo Dog Promotion and Innovation Agency (JDPIA) to the US Police Agencies to support the Korean economy and highlight the dog’s special characteristics and features. The group hope to make the Jindo an official police dog breed in the US.

Some Americans, however, are opposed to the idea, with the notion that America should not import, they should only use American bred dogs. Saying American Tax dollars should be spent on America.

However cultural exchange is important, and I don’t think the American economy would be in any danger. It’s not like it is going to collapse overnight because they hired a dozen Korean dogs, or that anyone will really lose their job.

The Jindo dog looks quite similar to the Japanese Shiba breed and Akita breed. It utterly reminds me of the dog Diefenbaker from the Canadian TV series “Due South”, where the half dog/half wolf was a RCMP mounty’s loyal companion. If the Jindo dogs can match the coolness of Diefenbaker, then I think the LAPD should consider themselves very lucky for their own recreation of Due South, an amazing show.

More Photos Of Asian News Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Nia

    Very interesting, the baby Jindo are so cute and huggable. :D

  2. bedoo

    jindos are very cute when theyre young.

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