19 Sep ’10

China & Japan – Fishing Boat Incident

10 days ago, a Chinese fishing boat captain ( 中国渔船船长 ) was detained and kept in custody when his boat collided with Japanese Coast Guard patrol boats near uninhabited islands, known as Senkaku ( 尖閣諸島 ) in Japan and Diaoyu ( 钓鱼岛 ) in China. The islands are currently controlled by Japan, but are also claimed by both China and Taiwan.

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10 days later,  on September 19 , Japanese authorities are supposed to decide whether they will press charges over the 41-year-old Chinese captain Zhan Qixiong (up to 500,000 yen / nearly 5,828 dollars), imprison him up to three years, or release him back to Mainland China. Up until now, China has received no response from the Japanese side yet.

History of the disputed and uninhabited islands can be read on Wikipedia here.

Over the Past 10 Days

September 7

A Chinese fishing trawler, Minjinyu 5179 ( 闽晋渔5179号 ), collided with a Japanese patrol boat, Yonakuni.

Two other Japanese patrol boats reportedly chased and hit Minjinyu 5179.

The captain of the Chinese fishing trawler, Zhan Qixiong ( 詹其雄 ), was taken to prosecutors.

The 14 other crew on the fishing trawler were held and questioned as witnesses.

Chinese Captain Zhan Qixiong

Some of His Crew

September 8

After learning of the detention of the captain Zhan Qixiong, Qixiong’s grandmother had a heart attack and sadly passed away.

September 10

China announced that it would postpone talks scheduled for mid-September with Japan on the East China Sea issue ( 东海问题 ), which would have been the second governmental meeting over territorial disputes in that area.

September 13

The 14 crew safely returned to Fuzhou, Fujian Province.

September 14

China’s foreign minister summoned the Japanese ambassador for the fifth time to demand the release of the Chinese captain Zhan Qixiong.

September 15

The Chinese fishing trawler, Minjinyu 5179, returned to Quanzhou, Fujian Province.

More Photos Of Asian News Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

September 18

Anti-Japanese sentiment has been stoked by Japan’s arrest of the Chinese captain Zhan Qixiong. Protesters gathered outside the Japanese embassy in Beijing and its consulate in Shanghai, holding signs saying “get out of the Diaoyu Islands” and “The Diaoyu Islands belong to China…return our captain”.

September 19

Decision on the release of the Chinese captain from Japanese Government.

(Update 1: the Japanese authorities have decided to continue to keep the Chinese captain in their custody for further investigation. Update 2: Zhan Qixiong returned to the country on September 25th, 17 days after being captured and arrested by the Japanese authorities)

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