11 Aug ’10

9 Must Visit Places in China

The Culture of China ( 中国文化 ) is one of the world’s oldest and most complex ones. To slowly have a taste of Chinese culture, there are nine small but attractive and charming places which are full of cultural details for you to visit and experience. Let’s have a look.

1. Ancient Water Town: Wuzhen ( 乌镇 )

Location: Part of Tongxiang City, northern Zhejiang Province

Must Visit Reason: Wuzhen Town has a history of more than 1,000 years. It has been included by UNESCO in the reserve list of world cultural heritages. With its unique layout, tea houses, wood carving, etc, Wuzhen brings you an atmosphere of tranquillity, peace and antiquity.

More info of Wuzhen can be found here.

2. The Old Town of Lijiang ( 丽江古城 )

Location: Lijiang City, northwest of Yunnan Province

Must Visit Reason: The Old Town of Lijiang, one of the top six most beautiful towns and villages in China, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located on an plateau which is 7,874 feet above the sea level, the Old Town of Lijiang is a well-preserved old city of ethnic minorities with brilliant culture.

More info of Lijiang can be found here.

3. “The Hometown of Tea and Books”: Wuyuan ( 婺源 )

More info of Wuyuan can be found here.

Location: Northeast of Jiangxi Province

Must Visit Reason: Wuyuan County is home to some of the best-preserved ancient architecture in China. Each of the numerous ancient buildings has a distinctive shape and structure. Many overseas photographers described Wuyuan as the “the most beautiful of Chinese villages”.

4. Ancient Town of Phoenix ( 凤凰古城 )

Location: Western boundary of Hunan Province

Must Visit Reason: Phoenix Town or Feng Huang Cheng is a township of mystery, elegance and primitive simplicity. It is such a splendid ancient town that you would have mistaken it as a picture. In many ways, life has not changed here for centuries.

More info of Phoenix Town can be found here.

5. “Folk Palace”: Hongjiang Ancient Commercial City ( 洪江古商城 )

Location: Hongjiang District, south part of Huaihua, Hunan Province

Must Visit Reason: Hongjiang Ancient Commercial City (HACC) has a long history and a profound embodiment. It is one of the best places to live, offering you exquisite scenery, agreeable weather and extensive folk architecture. The world marvels at its antique architectural carvings.

More info of HACC can be found here.

6. “Fairyland on Earth”: Jiuzhaigou ( 九寨沟 )

Location: Jiuzhaigou County, north of Sichuan Province

Must Visit Reason: Jiuzhaigou Valley or Jiuzhaigou National Park is a great masterpiece of nature with its dreamlike, inspiring scenery, spectacular natural landscapes and abundant natural resources. It is currently one of China’s top tourist destinations, known for its many multi-level waterfalls and colourful lakes.

More info of Jiuzhaigou can be found here.

7. China’s Best-preserved Ancient City: Pingyao ( 平遥 )

Location: Central Shanxi Province

Must Visit Reason: Pingyao is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in China, with its grand, solemn ancient city wall, residences and exquisite shops. There are stunning temples inside and around Pingyao, famous for their colourful sculptures and unique structural architecture.

More info of Pingyao can be found here.

8. “The Capital of the Oriental Art”: Dunhuang ( 敦煌 )

Location: Jiuquan, Gansu Province

Must Visit Reason: The historical city of Dunhuang is a renowned tourist destination famous for its Mogao Caves and being a major stop on the ancient Silk Road. Dunhuang has around 492 caves, with 45, 000 square meters of frescos, 2, 415 painted statues and five wooden-structured caves.

More info of Dunhuang can be found here.

9. The Most Northwestern Village: Bai Haba ( 白哈巴村 )

Location: At the border between Xinjiang, China and Kazakhstan

Must Visit Reason: Bai Haba or White Haba Village helps you understand and experience the exotic charm of the lifestyle and culture in the western region of China, with its log cabins, smoke from kitchen chimneys and local shepherds, all together constructing a warm scene.

More info of Bai Haba can be found here.

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