26 Aug ’10

Top Japanese Music – August 2010

Japanese Music Chart

No. 1. Scandal – The Story That You and the Sun Drew

(Unfortunately the video of this song is no long available)

Scandal Info

Haruna Ono おの はるな (vocal & guitar)

Origin: Aichi Prefecture
Born: 1988.8.10
Height: 153cm

Tomomi Ogawa おがわ ともみ (vocal & bass)

Origin: Hyōgo Prefecture
Born: 1990.5.31
Height: 157cm

Mami Sasazaki ささざき まみ (vocal & guitar)

Origin: Aichi Prefecture
Born: 1990.5.21
Height: 161cm

Rina Suzuki すずき りな (vocal & drums)

Origin: Nara Prefecture
Born: 1991.8.21
Height: 160cm

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  1. Hmm… not only it’s hard to believe that those girls know playing guitars, I am actually not sure that they know singing…

  2. Really?

    sounds good to me..otherwise they wouldn’t have come first.

  3. Kintaro-san


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