23 Jul ’10

Top Taiwan Movies – July 2010

Popular Taiwanese Movies

1. Monga

Director: Doze Niu

Writer: Li-ting Tseng (screenplay), Doze Niu

Starring: Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao

Release Date: 2010-2-5

Genre: drama

Plot: Set in the 1980’s, “Monga” centers around five boys (MosquitoMonkDragonWhite Monkey and A-Lan) who are tired of being pushed around and therefore join the “Gang of Princes”. As the “Gang of Princes” rise in stature, they come into conflict with other gangs jealous of their rising power.

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2. The Treasure Hunter

In the northwest desert where countless prosperous dynasties have flourished and fallen, there is rumour of a buried treasure of unbelievable riches. A group of mysterious guardians have kept the map to the location of the treasure safe, until a fierce rivalry erupts.

3. Tears

Guo, working on the case of a young woman killed by a drug overdose, is determined to solve the case while his colleagues become increasingly distanced from him and his sometimes unethical policing methods.

4. A Place of One’s Own

Mozi, a small-time rock singer, writes a song for his girlfriend, but dies before she gets it. A gifted craftsman dies of cancer after he completes a luxurious origami villa for his wife. These two sets of characters are brought together by a young man, starting a series of chain effects.

5. 2“20″

A warm and touching story of a man’s struggle over a 2“20″ swimming record…

6. Cannot Live Without You

Based on a true story; jobless Li Wu-hisung lives in a harbor zone in Taiwan with his small daughter, and he takes on risky tasks on boats to earn money. The government decides it’s in the child’s best interest to remove her from his care…

7. Yang Yang

Lonely Yang-yang is a French-Chinese mix, who doesn’t speak a single French word. She has never seen her French father and now her mother is remarried. She decides to work at the entertainment industry…

8. Our Island, Our Dreams

In the small island of Kinmen, where soldiers are forbidden to date local girls, a soldier’s passion brings back the memory of a girl’s older sister, who once worked at a pool ball club and was the dream girl of every soldier in the island.

9. Invitation Only

Taiwan’s first ever slasher-horror film starring Japanese AV star Maria Ozawa. The story revolves around five friends arriving at a party, fully unaware that the special night is just a cover for an evening of torture and murder.

10. Beautiful Crazy

Friendship and betrayal between three young girls: AngelXiao Bu and Ah Mi, who like to ride on a swing and play together in their secret hideout.

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