31 Aug ’10

Top Taiwan Movies – August 2010

Popular Taiwanese Movies

1. Love in Disguise (aka Lian Ai Tong Gao)

Director: Leehom Wang

Starring: Leehom Wang, Yifei Liu, Han Dian Chen, Joan Chen

Release Date: 2010-08-12

Genre: comedy, romance

Plot: A famous pop star disguises himself as an average Joe to find true love. When he stumbles upon a young student, he struggles to regain his identity and confront the woman he loves.

Source: IMDB


2. Close To You (aka More Than Close)

A Xiang is a renowned boxer who loses his memory due to a car accident. Shan Shan, who is a loyal fan of A Xiang, tries to awaken his memory by encouraging him and chasing him with every trick. Da Jie, who never wins one boxing competition, runs a boxing arena himself. After Da Jie meets A Xiang in his boxing arena, he gets jealous of the famous boxer. Xiao Kui is fond of Da Jie, but now she’s devastated that Da Jie misunderstands her.

3. Love You 10000 Years

The story is a tale of two sides. A Japanese girl Sakurada decides to visit a foreign country with a friend after going through a painful break-up. They choose to visit Taiwan for a few months and soon after arriving she chances upon a local rock band led by Wu Qifeng. Sakurada despises of Wu’s dishevelled, however, when they run into each other again, they’re stuck on a bus together.

4. Rock On

Johnny used to be a popular idol. He now gathers a group of eliminated contestants with his agent, because he is determined to come back by shooting a musical film “Rock On”.

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  1. Carl

    Where is a trailer on the internet for the movie “Rock On”

  2. YiLan

    Can someone tell me please where can I watch this movie (with english subtitles would be better but if there’s no subtitle that’s okay yet)
    Thanks :)

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