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Top Korean Movies – November 2010

Korea Top Korean Movies – October 2010 korean moviesPopular Korean Movies

1. Villain and Widow (aka Villain on the Second Floor)

Director: Son Jae-Gon

Starring: Kim Hye-Soo, Han Suk-Kyu

Release Date: 2010-11-25

Genre: comedy

Plot: Struggling to support herself and teenage daughter, widow Yeon-ju rents out the second floor of her home to Chang-In, who claims to be a novelist working on a new book. The neighbours suspect Chang-In’s true identity, as he spends an inordinate time in Yeon-ju’s quarters whenever he’s left home alone. A battle of wits, charm and various tensions ensue with the trio living under one roof, each harbouring their own elaborate motives.

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2. Fetish (aka Make Yourself at Home)

In the upper class suburbs of New Jersey, Korean-American Peter is starting a new life with his mysterious bride, Sookhy, whom he met through a marriage broker in Korea. She chose this foreign country to avoid the power of shamanism, but her fate does not let her run way from it.

3. Foxy Festival (aka Peseutibal)

Jang-Bae is a macho police officer who cracks down on corruption of public morals and one day he discovers a vibrator used by his girlfriend Ji-Su. Sun-Shim is the owner of a “hanbok” (traditional Korean dress) store. She is graceful, but finds her personal life dull. She then starts to enjoy a secret personal life with the help of Ki-Bong, the owner of a hardware store who brings Sun-Shim into the S&M world of whips and handcuffs. Sang-du sells fish sausages and has a bright character. High school student Ja-Hae loves Sang-du and even breaks into his home. Kwang-Rok is single and a high school teacher who discovers his love for women lingerie.

4. Try to Remember (aka Woori mannan Juk Ittnayo)

In-Woo and Eun-Kyo were born and raised in different places. Nevertheless, the two experience the same dreams and the same déjà vu moments. These experiences lead both to come to the historic city of Andong. They then come across a letter, written by a woman for her dead husband, in the woman’s grave at a museum. The letter was written some 450 years ago. In-Woo feels an incredible depth of sadness from the letter.

5. Love, In Between (aka Du Yeoja)

University professor Yun Ji-Seok loves his wife, but also cannot give up his new love. So-Young works as an obstetrician and is the wife caught in the middle. After she discovers her husband’s affair with a student named Su-Ji, So-Young embarks an elaborate journey to befriend the woman. When So-Young meets Su-Ji she experiences varying emotions from wanting revenge to sympath.

6. Passerby No. 3 (aka Ryeinbowoo)

Ji-Wan quit her job to pursue her dreams of becoming a movie director. She then started work on a movie screenplay, but it has been several years and she keeps changing the scenario. Ji-Wan also has a teenage son named Si-Young who wants to play the passerby No. 3 in her first film.

7. Haunters (aka Choneung Ryukja)

Cho-In, who lived through a brutal childhood, possesses an awe-inspiring supernatural gift, which allows him to control other people’s minds when they are within his field of sight. One fateful day, Cho-In walks into a pawn shop called Utopia to steal whatever money exists in the safe. Not expecting much resistance, Cho-In is surprised to find one man at the pawn shop is able to break free from his mind control abilities. That man is the new employee Kyu-Nam.

8. Romantic Debtors (aka Boolryang Namnyeo)

Detective Bang Keuk-Hyun falls into debt after a loan he guaranteed for a friend becomes delinquent. Kim Mu-Ryeong works as a customer relations representative for a credit company. Her job is to go after debtors day and night. Detective Bang Keuk-Hyun is her next assignment. The few times that Bang Keuk-Hyun answers Mu-Ryeong’s persistent calls he berates her with profanity. The two then meet at the police station without knowing each other’s identity at first.

9. No Doubt

In a seemingly quiet village outside of Gyunggi-do, Choong-Sik‘s only daughter Mi-Rim disappears without a trace. A few months later the girl is found dead near a river. Around the time that Mi-Rim went missing, a man named Se-Jin and his family moved into the small community. When Choong-Sik stumbles upon Se-Jin’s past criminal record as a sexual offender, he informs his neighbours and the residents threaten Se-Jin and his family. Their suspicions soon turn to certainty due to Se-Jin’s past history, witness accounts, and their own gut feelings. Yet, no direct evidence is found.

10. Rolling Home with a Bull

An old but unmarried man lives in the countryside. He is a poet on his way to sell a cow. Unexpectedly, the man heads to a friend’s funeral. Along the way his ex-lover accompanies the man and his cow…

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