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Top Korean Movies – October 2010

Korea Top Korean Movies – September 2010  korean moviesPopular Korean Movies

1. Natalie (aka Natalri)

Director: Joo Kyung-Jung

Starring: Lee Sung-Jae, Kim Ji-Hun, Park Hyun-Jin

Release Date: 2010-10-28

Genre: romance

Plot: Natalie is a masterpiece sculpture depicting beauty of a woman. The identity of the woman depicted in the sculpture is unknown. “Natalie” is then presented to the public at an art exhibition held by sculptor Hwang Jun-Hyuk. On the last day of the exhibition, Jun-Hyuk tells art critic Jang Min-Woo about a passionate affair with modern dance student Oh Mi-Ran. Art critic Min-Woo tells Jun-Hyuk that Mi-Ran loves him. Jun-Hyuk and Min-Woo have different memories surrounding Mi-Ran and they begin to unveil the secret surrounding her.

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2. Loveholic (aka Chameul Soo Eoptneun)

In her early thirties, Ji-Heun suddenly loses her job and flat. Her friend Kyung-Rin helps her again and lets her stay in her apartment for the time being. Unlike Ji-heun, Kyung-rin is a devoted housewife who seemed to have everything until she meets Dong-Ju, her husband’s colleague. Meanwhile, Ji-heun is surprised to know that Kyung-rin’s husband Myeong-Won actually has many things in common with her and they slowly open their mind to each other.

3. Come, Closer (aka Jogeumman Deo Gaggayi)

“Come, Closer” covers the broken relationships of five different couples: Su-Jin receives a phone call from a Polish guy in Holland looking for his ex-girlfriend; guitarist Ju-Young and singer Hye-Young are often mistaken as boyfriend and girlfriend; Young-Soo brings over a girl named Se-Yun after a night of drinking; Hyun-Oh’s ex-girlfriend Eun-Hee suddenly shows up on a rainy evening; Young-Soo is leaving his boyfriend Woon-Chul for a girl.

4. The Unjust (aka Unfair Dealings/ Budanggeorae)

A new district attorney, thought to be cold but very confident, goes up against a detective as they work on a case that involves a man that may have been convicted for a crime he did not commit.

5. Acoustic

“Acoustic” draws attention because of episodes of popular actress Shin Se-kyeong, CN Blue, and 2AM members. It is a youth movie about 20-year-olds who look to music for their hopes, dreams, and love. This special project highlights the acting and musical talents of pop icons.

6. The Recipe (aka Doenjang)

A man on deathrow wants to taste “doenjang jjigae” (a spicy Korean bean paste stew) before he dies. A television producer questions the inmate about his wishes and starts to delve deeper into his case. The producer then uncovers surprising facts.

7. Midnight FM (aka Shimyaui FM)

Popular TV anchorwoman and late night radio host Sun-Young prepares to work her final radio program. After this program, she will take her ill daughter to America the following morning. During the radio show, however, Sun-Young receives a startling text message from a man named Dong-Su.

8. He’s On Duty (aka Delighted? Delighted!/ Bangga? Banga!)

A South Korean man named Bang Tae-Sik who looks more like someone from Southeast Asia has difficulties finding employment. One day, Bang Tae-Sik disguises himself as a man from the country of Bhutan named “Bangga” and succeeds in finding a job. Bang Tae-Sik then witnesses racism that migrant workers face in Korea.

9. The 8 Sentiments (aka Yeoldup Bunui Kamjung)

Jong-Hoon is a curator at a gallery in Seoul. He visits Busan to see his girlfriend Eun-Ju, but his feelings seem to change everytime he sees her. The appearance of his ex-girlfriend Seon-Young and a mysterious beauty further complicates things.

10. Don’t Cry for Me Sudan (aka Don’t Cry, Tonj)

“Don’t Cry For Me Sudan” covers the life of Catholic Father John Lee who worked as a father, doctor, teacher, conductor and architect in the small Sudan village of Tonj. Father John Lee died of colorectal cancer in 2010. A funeral was held for him by the local dinka tribe in Tonj, with many of the tribal warriors in tears.

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