27 Oct ’10

Redline – Awesome Racing Anime

Redline is a recently released anime film directed by Takeshi Koike 小池 健. Set in a futuristic world, Redline is a dangerous underground race that the main character JP joins after gaining entry through his popularity.

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Redline is Takeshi Koike’s directorial debut, produced by the brilliant Madhouse studio, creators of some of the best anime in history. It is undoubtedly an incredibly high quality anime, and one you cannot afford to miss. It is one of the most exciting visually exhilarating animes in decades, filled with chaotic and breathtaking scenes. After the void of quality releases this decade in the anime industry, Redline gives us a glimmer of hope that the industry can break out of its rut and bring back truly amazing films.

The anime (trailers below) has been in production for an astonishing 7 years, and there were 100,000 drawings hand-drawn to create the animation. The animation is therefore absolutely amazing, and the film is basically one long crazy ride. It can be described as hilariously cool. The amount of exaggeration in the scenes and style is something only Japan produces whilst still managing to create something cool and interesting.

JP, the main character, is a racer who is following his dream. He has a crazy large hairstyle and retro fashion, and he gets known for his end of race spectacular crashes. However, JP seems to be getting paid to crash-out by the mob, and after almost giving up when his engine explodes for a qualifier, he suddenly gets invited to the prestigious no-rules race Redline.

If you didn’t know already that the name “Redline” comes from the term which used to refer to the maximum speed an engine is designed to operate at without causing damage to the engine itself.

Whilst the anime has received rave reviews, and has been shown at many screenings this year, it hasn’t received a lot of publicity, which is a massive shame I think. Because Redline is one of the highest quality productions you’ll see in your life.  It seems only the same old crap that Hollywood cycles out year after year gets any real attention in the West, and brilliant productions like this, get swept under the carpet. Please spread the word about this anime, and get as many people to watch it as possible.

Redline Trailer 1 (short version)

Redline Trailer 2

More Photos of Movie Posters Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Can’t wait to watch this, the animation is just :[ ] jaw dropping.

  2. Geordon

    This anime is amazing! seriously

  3. badguy

    hey flava…
    which anime do you think is better?
    FMA or redline?

    • Well I still haven’t seen Redline, its only been shown at special showings so far. No DVD yet. According to Manga Entertainment it will be released on DVD around the end of Summer this year. That said, it’s supposed to be an adrenaline film rather than something based around an interesting plot like FMA. Also FMA is a TV anime whereas Redline is a movie that’s not even based on an ongoing series, so the two can’t easily be compared when asking which is better.

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