23 Jul ’10

Top Hong Kong Movies – July 2010

Popular Hong Kong Movies

1. The Fantastic Water Babes (aka Chut Sui Fu Yung)

Director: Jeffrey Lau

Writer: Jeffrey Lau

Starring: Gillian Chung, Alex Fong Lik Sun, Eva Huang

Release Date: 2010-7-15

Genre: comedy, sport

PlotAlex, Hong Kong’s champion swimmer, is kidnapped by the beautiful and cocky swimmer Jill and her teammates in order that he can train her to win a duel against her rival in swimming and in love. All hell breaks loose when hate-at-first-sight inadvertently becomes something else.

Source: Asian Media Wiki IMDB


2. Hot Summer Days (aka Chuen Sing Yit Luen – Yit Lat Lat)

Six entwined and heart-warming stories during a summer when the heat ignites emotions and changes lives forever…

3. Dream Home

A woman will go to whatever lengths necessary to obtain her dream home with a view of the sea. This includes driving down the property value and decreasing the occupancy rate by killing her potential neighbours.

4. Ex

A young woman runs into her ex with his present girlfriend. As the pretty young thing hobnobs from one romance to another, she tells herself that it’s all part of a sentimental education and journey.

5. The Perfect Match

Compulsive womanizer Liang Ye, a salesman at Interaction Technology, finally meets his perfect woman: Li Yue, who also happens to become his personal assistant. At the same time however, he also meets 30-something Cai Yun, the head of another company…

6. Once a Gangster

Past dangerous slayers, Roast Pork and Sparrow are now asked to run for the “Dragon Head” position in the underworld. While these two reluctant candidates are racking their brains to outwit each other, their inglorious pasts eventually catch up with them as their followers are plunged into mayhem and bloodshed to get their leaders onto the throne.

7. Triple Tap (aka Cheung Wong Chi Wong)

Champion marksman Ken comes across an armored van robbery and kills four of the robbers. One of the robbers escapes and the case is handled by Jerry, whom Ken knows from having recently beaten him in a shooting match. Ken is found not guilty in court, but he is attacked by the escaped robber Pang Tao.

8. Echoes of the Rainbow

Nosy, naughty and always running into trouble, a child observes with wit and humor the ever changing society of Hong Kong.

9. Fire of Conscience

The investigation of a prostitute homicide brings headstrong, heavy-handed detective Manfred in an unlikely collaboration with sly, man-of-the-world inspector Kee from the Narcotics Bureau.

10. Beauty on Duty (aka Mei Lai Muk Ling)

A female police officer goes undercover as a beauty pageant contestant to protect a key witness.

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