28 Nov ’10

Top Chinese Movies – November 2010

China1 Top Chinese Movies – October 2010 chinese moviesPopular Chinese Mainland Movies

1. The Player (aka Super Player/Da Wan Jia)

Director: Niu Zhao Yang

Starring: Gillian Chung, Xie Na, Sun Xing, Huo Si Yan

Release Date: 2010-11-25

Genre: comedy

Plot: Middle-aged chef Er Bao still hasn’t figured out the secret recipe for steamed stuffed buns. Soon he was fired by his boss and his wife is disappointed in his incompetence. Depressed Er Bao tries every method to end his life, however he is stopped by a mysterious power every time. He learns that the power comes from a strange fairy who calls herself the Eighth Fairy, younger sister of the “Seven Fairies” and promises to make him the happiest man alive.

Source: Baidu Encyclopedia


2. Color Me Love (aka Ai Chu Se)

When modern Cinderella Wang Xiao Fei encounters famous artist and boss Luan Yi Hong, she experiences an unusual lifestyle in a metropolis, as well as an unusual romance in a dreamlike upper class high society.

3. Legend of The Swordsman (aka Dao Ke Wai Zhuan)

A village is often troubled by a group of bandits on horseback, so the villagers send the teacher Fan Jian to the city to hire swordsmen to protect the village. However unfortunately, due to insufficient funds, Fan Jian gets snubbed everywhere, failing to hire any professional swordsman. By chance, he runs into a braggart Beggar Su, who somehow becomes Fan Jian’s lifeline by a twist of fate. Beside the braggart are two other unreliable blademasters who are hired as well.

4. Gong Fu Yong Chun

Yan Yong Chun is a girl who has a boy’s personality. Yong Chun’s father runs a tofu store in a small town. One day, a young ruffian intrudes into the store and asks Yong Chun to marry him. Yong Chun refuses and her father proposes a martial art competition for a son-in-law: in three months’ time, whoever beats Yong Chun gets to marry her. Can Yong Chun improve her martial arts skills and marry someone she truly loves?

5. Lao Hu Dou Yao Jia

Tan Cheng, boss of a video store, is a gentle guy whose ex-girlfriend ended up marrying his classmate. Tan Cheng’s three best friends are worried about him and decide to help him find his true love. Zhao Ying is a career woman who looks seemingly intimidating and wants to get married before 30. Zhao Ying meets Tan Cheng by chance in a bachelor party. For a promise she made to her father, Zhao Ying tries to approach Tan Cheng not telling him her real purpose.

6. New Journey To The West (XI You Xin Zhuan)

Thousands of years later, master Tang Sanzang reunites with his three apprentices, Monkey King Sun Wukong, Zhu Baijie and Sha Wujing, in the modern world. To open a new scripture, Tang Sanzang decides to look for two gemstones in the sea and the sky. However, as time passes by, the once familiar master Tang and his three apprentices have all changed both their appearances and personalities. Can they really get along and find these two gemstones?

7. Rizhao Chongqing

Lin, a sea captain, returns from a 6-month journey when he is told that his 25-year-old son Lin Bo has been gunned down by the police. In his quest to understand what happened, he realizes he knew very little about his own son. He starts a journey back to Chongqing, a city he once lived. He will understand the impact of his paternal repeated absence on the life of his child.

8. A Tibetan Love Song (Kang Ding Qing Ge)

This romantic drama, named after the famous Kangding love song, focuses on the lasting love between Li Sujie, a young Han Chinese engineer, and Dawa, a Tibetan serf. The couple meet in 1950 when Li arrives with the Chinese army during the establishment of Ganzi Prefecture. Obstacles force a 60-year separation, but their love never wavers.

9. Jeet Kune Do (aka Jie Quan Dao)

“Jeet Kune Do” tells about Jeet Kune Do founder Bruce Lee’s character, spirit and kung fu, especially how he established Keet June Do. The film also features the memory of Bruce Lee from a group of Bruce Lee’s close friends.

10. The Bright Eleven – Old Boys

“The Bright Eleven – Old Boys” follows the story of two best friends in high school, who meet again at their middle age. When they form a band to participate in a singing competition, a song called “Old Boys” brings them back to youth and the past.

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  1. Color Me Love is like the Chinese version of The Devil Wears Prada!?

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