29 Oct ’10

Top Chinese Movies – October 2010

China1 Top Chinese Movies – September 2010 chinese moviesPopular Chinese Mainland Movies

1. Lost in Panic Room (aka Mi Shi Zhi Bu Ke Gao Ren)

Director: Zhang Fanfan

Starring: Alec Su, Pace Wu

Release Date: 2010-10-29

Genre: crime, thriller

Plot: “Lost in Panic Room” tells the story of a puzzling series of murders in a mountain villa. Writer Liu Yunfei, who is famed for writing detective stories, is accidentally involved in the mysterious case. Can Yunfei’s detective skills help him discover the real murderer?

Source: Baidu Encyclopedia


2. My Ex-wife’s Wedding (aka Gen Wo De Qian Qi Tan Lian Ai)

Ma Yong divorces his wife Xiao Hong and introduces her to his best friend Zhang Qi. As Xiao Hong enjoys her new romance, she asks her ex-husband Ma Yong to plan her wedding, where Ma Yong rediscovers his feelings for her.

3. Wind Blast (aka Xi Feng Lie)

On the vast and boundless desolate desert in the Western part of China, Zhang Ning and girlfriend Sun Jing are facing great difficulties staying afloat: on the one hand, four super sleuths are pursing them relentlessly; on the other hand, a pair of male  and female assassins are mercilessly hot on their heels too.

4. Distant Thunder (aka Mi Cheng)

Poor student Zhao Po falls in love with beautiful and smart Yin Qi who comes from a rich background. Zhao Po cannot express his feelings due to their different statuses. He meets Gan Xiu one day by chance, who works in a hair salon. However, Gan Xiu mysteriously disappears after she was insulted by someone who is from the same town with her.

5. Kill Paul the Octopus (aka Mou Sha Zhang Yu Bao Luo)

Revolving around the psychic Paul the Octopus who has correctly predicted the winner of Germany’s seven matches at the 2010 World Cup, “Kill Paul the Octopus” is a thriller about a multi-national hunting and killing story behind a gambling group.

6. Zhi Jia Dao Ren Mo

Li Kai Yi has been seeing her boyfriend Zheng Ji Wen for a while now. One day, Kai Yi suddenly tells Ji Wen that she is a human monster who doesn’t eat anything except for nail clippers. Kai Yi asks Ji Wen for money to open a nail clipper restaurant for anyone who is like her.

7. The Island

The only son of a wealthy man suffers from a plane crash with only his heart surviving, and his heart can only last for another 50 hours. With a few clues, the wealthy man finds out that his butler has something to do with the tragedy. To reveal the butler, he comes up with a crazy plan about looking for the qualified substitute for his son’s heart.

8. The Love Clinic (aka Ai Qing Wei Xiu Zhan)

Ge Da Wei works in a divorce registration office and his wife Chen Xiao Ling works in a marriage registration. The two have gotten tired of their dull life. On their wedding anniversary, Da Wei hands over a lottery ticket to Xiao Ling, unaware of the shocking news that is going to surprise them.

9. Wai Tan Yi Shi

The Bund is a famous area in central Shanghai and it has witnessed many legendary big shots who helped with the city’s prosperity. “Wai Tan Yi Shi” revolves around five people from different countries and their dreams and love.

10. Don Quixote

“Don Quixote” covers the tale of a knight-errant Don Quixote, who is one of the most influential fictional characters in history.

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