26 Oct ’10

23rd Tokyo International Film Festival

Established in 1985, Tokyo International Film Festival 東京国際映画祭 (TIFF) is one of the most competitive film festivals in Asia. It is the only Japanese event to hold accreditation from the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF).

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TIFF was held biennially from 1985 to 1991 and annually thereafter. Since its 21st edition, TIFF has replaced the traditional red carpet with a green one, in order to convey the theme, “Preservation of the Earth Environment = Ecology”. The Green Carpet aims to reduce the environmental burden by the use of recycled pet bottle (ECOPET) which the carpet is manufactured.

This year, the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival will take place from October 23rd to October 31st at Roppongi Hills and other venues in Tokyo, Japan. Around 200 films in six main categories will be screened, 15 out of which will compete for the “Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix”, the top award in the event. Two Chinese films were nominated for the award, “Guan Yin Shan” 观音山 and “The Piano in a Factory” 钢的琴 (aka Gang De Qin).

The 23rd TIFF will commemorate the legendary kung fu icon Bruce Lee 李小龙 with a showing of some of his most successful films, as this year marks the 70th anniversary of the birth of Bruce Lee. These films include “Enter the Dragon” 龙争虎斗 (1973), “The Game of Death” 死亡游戏 (1978) as well as another four recent films inspired by his legacy.

The event kicked off on Saturday with a Green Carpet parade of over 300 local and foreign celebrities. David Fincher’s new drama film “The Social Network” opened the festival, which is about the founding of the internet social networking website Facebook.

Japanese actress Norika Fujiwara 藤原 紀香 with Shrek

Green Ambassador of the 23rd TIFF Anne

Film Festival Ambassador Yoshino Kimura 木村 佳乃

Taiwanese actor Wilson Chen 陳柏霖 (aka Berlin Chen)

Director of “The piano in a Factory” Zhang Meng 张猛 (left)

Crew of “Guan Yin Shan”

Crew of “Tron: Legacy”

Source: NetEase News

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