15 Aug ’10

Military Training For Kids – Crazy & Strict

Military training ( 军训 ) is a required practice in a lot of schools across China and Korea. Nowadays military training is not only compulsory for high school and college students, it even becomes part of elementary school education. Military training requires three days and even up to a few weeks’ time. It is aimed at mentally and physically strengthening students. The following compare some insane Korean military training with very strict Chinese military training for kids.

(Note – as a Chinese national myself, I was lucky to miss the military training in elementary school. But high school and college military trainings were inevitable. Unlike Korean crazy camp training, my high school military training was actually fun. I stayed in the school dormitory for about a week, used a real gun for the first time in my life and collected the bullets, stood under the sun not moving or itching for about an hour each day, visited an ice cream factory and had a taste of their newest product for free, etc. However, my college military training turned out to be forgettable. It was almost boring and unimpressive. But I’d learned quite a few military songs. That’s about it. :))

Winter Military Camp in Ansan, South Korea

January 6, 2008, 41 students involved.

Summer Military Camp in Ansan, South Korea

July 24, 2008, 70 students involved; the hard training in the mud causing the kids to scream for their mums.

Summer Military Camp in Ansan, South Korea

July 15, 2010, 156 students involved.

Comments from Baidu Forum:

wh: This is their military training???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

怺逺哋鰰話: It won’t work. They’re torturing kids.

╰巛單純徳孩孓: Standard torture.

『外面的世界』: Oh my god, they’re only elementary school students. It won’t kill them to wait till high school or college. *Sigh* Hope it’s useful.

卋堺允許祢銷夨: So embarrassing for them… They should have been born in China…

戏末人生_: Korea is so dark.

′Prince丶来: *cry*

Strict Military Training across Mainland China

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  1. Kintaro-san

    The future Super-soldiers

  2. Tombo-san

    needs more human rights

  3. landosharkie

    Basic training for military is a good program but this one is worst too heavy training for kids it should be for highschool or collage, seems China know how to develope military training for kids.

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