17 Jul ’10

Xiao Bai – Master Artist Feature

Xiao Bai Zhang 张小白 is an extremely talented female artist, with a beautiful style that makes her art completely mesmerizing.

Her trademark style is adorning elegant beautiful women with intricate tattoos.

Xiao Bai was born in Anshan, Liaoling on 19th December, 1982. She has studied traditional Chinese paintings since a young age and graduated at Renmin University of China. Xiao Bai has worked for various magazines and publications, in both China and western countries.

Xiao Bai #1

Xiao Bai #2

Xiao Bai #3

Not only an traditional illustrator, Xiao Bai also works as a tattoo artist and she has several tattoos herself. Recently she had a new tattoo on her neck completed which you can see below.

Xiao Bai Neck Tattoo

According to her blog, she likes to travel a lot and you can see her pictures from different destinations.  Her hobbies/likes  include sleep,  cats,  sweets and handsome boys.

Height: 158cm
Weight: 44kg

Xiao Bai has many amazing pieces of artwork, you can check them out at the gallery link below, until then here are a few examples :

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  1. Nia

    Fascinating! :O
    But her new tattoo looks painful.

  2. Incredible!! Really like those tattoos. Wish I had something like that. ^-^

  3. Yuri-chan

    Beautiful! I’ve never seen something like this before, especially not from China. I’m really amazed, hope Xiao Bai will continue to produce good art. :)

  4. mysara

    love ur tattoos..=)

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