12 Jul ’10

Tony Taka – Master Artist Feature

Tanaka Takayuki, otherwise known as Tony Taka, is a skilled artist who specialises in anime, creating manga, illustrations for games and artbooks.

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Tony’s artwork has a very distinctive style to it. Specifically the style in which he draws eyes, which is almost universally the same on all his characters. No doubt you will have seen his drawings if you’re remotely interested in anime.

Age : 39
Location : Tokyo, Itabashi

Tony currently seems to be working on more mangas and getting figures of his characters created.  He regularly attends Comiket which is the world’s largest self published comic book fair.

Excerpt from Wikipedia

“Upon graduating from art design college, he first began working on advertisement designs, but in 1998 subsequently changed careers to become a manga/anime style artist. Soon after, he began illustrating for numerous eroge and designing its characters, thus quickly gaining himself renown and popularity. Apart from his illustration work, which has since encompassed designing general games such as the recent iterations of Sega‘s popular Shiningroleplaying game series, he is also executive director of his own company, RPM Y.K.”

Note – (Eroge are erotic focused games released in Japan.)

Tony Taka’s Related Links

Blog :

Twitter :

Company’s Website :

Contacting him by Email : taka_tony (at)

Finding further information about Tony is difficult unless you can read Japanese.  All I could find out was that he got an Ipad in May…

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  1. Until I change it, link is only up till September for the download. :O

  2. Nia

    I’ve checked (took me quite a while). Some of his artwork are super cute. ^_^

  3. Yokie

    I collect Tony’s drawings, he’s brilliant! :D

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