16 Sep ’10

Takeda Hiromitsu – Master Artist Feature

Takeda Hiromitsu 武田弘光 is a Japanese manga artist, who mostly creates ero-comics. He is the creator of the shounen manga Maken-Ki マケン姫っ!, which has enjoyed reasonable popularity. His ero-comic work however is highly prolific in that industry and his style is very memorable.

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Takeda is another artist whose preference falls into large breasted girls. Takeda Hiromitsu is an established artist with over 20 published works and an anime series created from his work on Maken-Ki!. However, he doesn’t seem to be famous enough to have had a wikipedia page created for him. He publishes through both Core magazine and Fujimi Shobo.

His art style is very clean and crisp, the coloured front pages are always of high quality; the plots seem to generally follow the same script; the proportions are fairly good apart from the obvious exception that all the girls have way too ample breasts to be realistic.

His most popular piece of ero-comic is probably the 2008 release of Tsundero, which is a collection of short stories involved in school life. It seems all the popular comics involve school life, which is one of the biggest trends in Japanese manga, for two reasons; firstly the main audience for manga in Japan are school kids, and secondly for most mangakas, school life is one of the most important and main parts of their lives, as they often go straight into manga work professionally as soon as they leave school. School life is almost an obsession it seems, with people wanting to relive the times, though this is something everyone in the world can probably relate to.

Current Released Series

  • 3M Kanojo
  • Ai Sukureepaa
  • Ane-kon
  • Arcana Heart DJ
  • Dream Club DJ
  • Fate/Stay Night DJ
  • Gohoushi Nurse-dou
  • Ima Ria
  • Kanokon DJ
  • Kyuutto Sagyubasu
  • Lovely Knight Yurika
  • Maken Ki
  • Mune Hime
  • Oshieai
  • Paddy Bird
  • Reika Shiki Akaten Kokofuku Jutsu
  • Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo DJ
  • To Love Ru DJ
  • Tsudero
  • With my Student and Newlywed
  • Zettai Zettai Ojousama

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  1. Ookami

    Yeah! This man is my master!
    his draw style is the best!
    i wish draw like he some day T_T

  2. Dustin

    Love his artwork.

    Takeda Hiromitsu is ace.

  3. ryyoko

    hiromitsu is the best asian artist. his art is admirable.

  4. Bette

    Very interesting artist, now I know! :) I just tweeted you, thanks!

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