2 Sep ’10

Royal Koyanagi – Master Artist Feature

Royal Koyanagi小柳ロイヤル is a Japanese manga artist, specifically an ero-comic artist. Not much is known about Royal Koyanagi, except this must be his/her pseudonym.

Doing a search on the net reveals little about the artist; no interviews or biography information. Core Magazine are the publishers of some of his work, but I’m not going as far to phone them up and demand information about Royal Koyanagi, which I doubt they would be inclined to give anyway.

His/her artwork has been confused with other artists, as it’s a popular style, very crisp with a lot of varied expressions and realistic proportions, but Royal Koyanagi has his/her own special style that focuses on mainly the style of full pouting lips and piercing eyes.

You can see a clear improvement in Koyanagi’s drawing from 2007 up until 2009, he/she seems to favour large group scenes and draw the action in some of the best sequences I’ve seen. I’m wondering whether the plot and the drawings are done by two different people and that’s the reason for the pseudonym, the plot invariably depicts high school kids and secret/underground school life.

Koyanagi’s most popular and longest piece of work is, I believe, St Penalty Gakuen Goko, which you can find all over the internet. Whilst most of the work detail serious scenes and conversations, there is still many pages devoted to comedy/jokes and funny expressions which create a light mood.

There are many different types of girls drawn in Koyanagi’s work, but nearly all are wearing either knee high socks or thigh high socks, not unusual, but something that readers can generally trust in appearing. Many of the women seem to have a domineering aspect to them; it’s often a male character being dominated, who then might get their own back. The men seem to be the inexperienced ones, with the women being  very experienced already.

I did find a Japanese twitter attributed to a Royal Koyanagi, where it said they weren’t an ero-comic artist; but is this just a person copying a name/coincidentally having the same name or the real Koyanagi who doesn’t want to be I.D’d? I guess if the real one didn’t want to be I.D’d, why put your name as Royal Koyanagi at all…

Current Released Series

  • Cherry Break
  • Gakuen B
  • Kandahara Out of Control
  • Milky Shot
  • Nozomu Triangle
  • Pink Chime After 5
  • PM03:40Takuhai Hiyori
  • Ryoko-san’s Problem Foundation
  • School Prison for Spiritual Penance
  • Sora Iro Natsuko Deep
  • St. Penalty Gakuen Goko

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  1. Kintaro-san

    holy shit I think I have st. penalty lol

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    What is this I don’t even…

  3. _super_


  4. st penalty is pretty random, his/her most popular manga, because of all the detailed group art. However I think it would of been better if the whole thing stuck to one plot, rather than switching about, although that’s personal preference

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