17 Sep ’10

Amatarou – Master Artist Feature

Amatarou 天太郎 is a Japanese manga artist, specifically an ero-comic artist who works together with other artists on various popular ero-comics. Amatarou is another artist who likes to be in the shadows, possibly because of their occupation bringing them shame.

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Not much is known about Amatarou. I speculate that Amatarou is his/her pen name or possibly a studio name for a group. The most popular Amatarou piece of work is probably Lesson to You; nearly all of Amatarou’s work involves women with large breasts. The style is consistent and has largely stayed the same from 2006 through to 2009.  People seem to refer to Amatarou as a “he” in Japan, and specifically as Dr Tarou. Ama 天 means heaven so that must be the made-up section of his name.

Amatarou’s work is very clean but also quite standard with exception to the large breasts. Most pages include a large close-up or full drawing with smaller drawings surrounding which is a common form to follow.

Amatarou is published by Core magazine, just like other artists we’ve covered before. I guess they like to keep their pseudonyms over at Core, because I can find hardly any personal info about who Amatarou is.

Current Released Series (including group contributions)

  • Brocom
  • Confession Warning
  • Creer Desir
  • Daisy
  • Futari no Yume
  • Gift
  • Happiness!
  • Lesson to You
  • Mahiru’s Nap
  • Memory
  • No ni Saku Shirube
  • Oasis
  • Oneesan to Boku
  • Parade
  • Recreation Plan
  • The Sweet Chance
  • Yareba Dekiruko
  • Yell!

More Photos Of Asian Artists Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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