11 Nov ’10

Mysterious Macanese Restaurants and Food

Macau 澳門, also spelled Macao, is a special administrative region in China. Bordering Guangdong Province to the north, Macau used to be a Portuguese colony.

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That probably explains the reason why Macanese cuisine is unique to Macau, which combines the classics of Portuguese cooking with Chinese influences. Apart from being called the “Vegas of the Orient”, Macau is renowned for its flavour-blending culture.

The following pictures show you many unique Macanese food and snacks, as well as some small but popular restaurants from different areas of the city.

More Asian Photos Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Some crazy looking food, I’d never know what to actually try. I guess everything once at least :)

    • Nia

      That’s the problem, many people tend to have similar (safe) food every day and miss a lot of the dishes that they might like.

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