23 Sep ’10

Interior Design Market Increase in China

With China’s GDP Growth around 9-10% for the third quarter of 2010, China is still making improvements across all sectors. One of the most promising areas of the market is interior design ( 室内设计 ). Because of a booming housing market, there is high demand for quality interior design in China.

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One of the most important aspects of Chinese interior design is to have something unique. Everyone wants their own personal imprint on their home design, which is even more important in larger and denser populated areas in China. Requirements frequently go into personally influenced interior design, rather than picking out of a catalogue and making small changes to it.

China is still looking for its niche to get out of the many labour jobs it currently holds. Is interior design part of the solution? Can China compete internationally in this market? If demand stays high, I think so.

What does this mean for designers from other countries? The threat of losing jobs to Chinese workers? Well, most probably, with the Chinese market expanding and the West still feeling the pain from the recession coupled with the fluctuating housing market, it doesn’t look good for western designers, unless they have links in production for China.

A lot of the middle class Chinese citizens aspire to have the same lifestyle as westerners, and this is mimicked in their choice of interior design.

Here are some interesting, cute and weird designs that are currently in the Chinese market. The western design influence is definitely popular in China, however it seems no one design rises out to be the most popular. It is more of a dynamic popularity contest due to the desire to have something special.

More Photos Of Interior Design Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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